African Islands You Need To Visit Now


For many travellers to Africa, the choices tend to be between the islands or sub-Saharan regions. South Africa continues to be a huge attraction for travellers of all level of experience and age due to its huge booming tourist industry, but what about those who aren’t sure where to go and want something a bit different in terms of island options? Read ahead for some great suggestions for islands that people don’t usually pick for their African getaway.


This is a bit of a curious one – it’s both popular, and yet not. During the high season it does attract visitors but never seems to have huge amounts of people, especially in more local village resorts than he big gated resorts. Zanzibar is located off the coast of Tanzania and is home to numerous types of spice plantations as well as huge amounts of white, sand beaches that rival those elsewhere in the world. Be sure to check out the snorkelling – especially off the north eastern coast where trips to a private island’s reef can be arranged (you can’t set foot on the island, though). The reef is impressive and offers huge arrays of gorgeous fish. For more local experiences, stick to the smaller resorts. For parties head to the town of Nungwe on the north coast. For chilled beach scene and parties check out Kendwa on the west coast.


While technically an overseas French territory, Reunion Island is located off the coast of Madagascar and not very far from Mauritius. It’s relatively unexplored by tourists but offers those who make the trip some truly unspoilt beauty and natural scenery. Covered by mountains and lush forests, Reunion Island is truly a unique paradise that will leave you wanting more. Dotted with waterfalls, beaches, and amazing hiking trails along with volcanoes, Reunion is not just an adventure lover’s paradise but also an outdoor lover’s ideal place to visit. The food has been influenced in such a way that it has a large amount of French, African and Indian dishes available. Some can be spicy, but not terrifically so, but be sure to check if you have a spice sensitivity.


Madagascar is a large and beautiful country off the east coast of mainland Africa. This unique region was first settled between 300BC and 500AD by Bornean migrants and then by Bantu migrants from the mainland later. The general isolation of the island means that it’s home to plant and animal life, most of which is not found anywhere else on the planet. Due to the location, Madagascar has been settled by an interesting collection over time, which have all added their individual tastes and takes on clothing and dishes, so it’s a really unique place to head to in order to enjoy a culture you won’t find elsewhere.

There you have a couple of lesser visited islands of Africa and why you should definitely consider them on your next trip to the region. With so many to choose from it can be difficult to pick the one that’s right for your tastes but each is filled with so many wonderful things it makes it even harder to pick one! So pack your bags – Africa is waiting for you.

A Morocco Run Down – Where To Check Out


When you think of Africa, many people think about rich, lush forests filled with gorillas or the Serengeti Plains where you can watch giraffes run free against a setting sun. While these images are certainly iconic to the overall image of the African continent, there is a whole other layer of Africa that many people don’t think to explore. Saharan Africa is some of the most wonderful and unique regions of the world allowing visitors a look at real Middle Eastern culture without having to travel to the Middle East. So which country should you check out? Read ahead to learn more about Morocco and why it’s the best Saharan African country for travellers of all levels of experience.

Morocco – An Overview

Morocco is a coastal country nestled in the northwest corner of Africa, bordering Algeria as well as contested Western Sahara, which borders Mauritania. Morocco is home to the Atlas Mountain range which is a vast series of gorgeous mountains and foothills that stretches through much of central Morocco. The coastlines of the Mediterranean to the north and the Atlantic to the west have a curious collection of villages and towns which offer respite from the heat of the interior. As a majority Muslim nation, mosques are found throughout – often a beautiful and picturesque image of an oasis town with towering minaret jutting from date palms amid the rocky and unforgiving craggy cliffs of the Atlas.

The Cities – Fes and Marrakech

The two most popular cities of Morocco are Fes and Marrakech – still somewhat rivals in their fight to be top dog among travellers, but each with their own unique things to see and do. Fes is well known for its intricate network of alleys and streets that crisscross each other tightly, adding to the ambience of the city. Be sure to check out the leather tannery – where men work in the hot sun beating and dying animal skins to create the leather that Fes is famous for. In Marrakech, the Jema el Fnaa square adjacent to their network of tightly packed souk markets is the place to be at nightfall when the residents all congregate for night markets and alfresco dining. In both cities be sure to seek out traditional hamamms – steam baths and subsequent body scrubs that leave you squeaky clean.

Further Afield

Morocco is also home to a number of towns and villages that offer up unique experiences and fantastic beaches. Essouira in the southwest is a great beach town that has a bustling network of markets and was the filming location for part of Game of Thrones. Chefchaouen in the north is known for its walls and buildings painted blue hues – a unique and interesting town to visit for many who also want to get away from the heat of the bigger cities for a while.

There you have a quick rundown on Morocco – easily one of the most unique and enjoyable as well as welcoming countries in all of Africa not just the Saharan region. So pack your bags and take advantage of this opportunity to get a taste of the Middle East without having to travel there.