Reasons To Travel To Uganda This Year

When you think of the next great trip to take, it can be easy to want to head out on the same old adventure to the same old places with the same old itinerary. Of course it’s easy when you love somewhere – you’re happy to return time and again. But what if you’re after a great new adventure – somewhere you have never been but perhaps always hoped you’d have the opportunity to go to? Here are our favourite reasons why you should give Uganda a go this year.

Amazing Wildlife

It’s no surprise that Uganda, like many African nations, is teeming with some of the most stunning wildlife around. Bordered by Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan and the DR Congo, it’s easy to see how wildlife here can be amazing to say the very least. With opportunities along the Congo border to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat as well as all manner of wildlife through a Uganda Safari, the possibilities are endless in this magnificent country.

Stunning Scenery

The scenery is another great reason to head to Uganda. With several lakes including the enormous Lake Victoria, numerous national parks, hills, mountains and valleys all of which will leave you in awe. Take a boat tour through Lake Victoria or go climbing in the highlands to see the mountain gorillas, knowing that however you choose to take in this magical land will leave you with memories for years to come.

A Host Of Activities

Activities in Uganda don’t feature just going on safaris, although you might find yourself signing up for several considering the different types there are all over the country. Safaris on the waterways of Uganda offer up the opportunity to see far more that you do on land such as water fowl, birds who live by water, as well as hippos, crocodiles and more. Sometimes fishing trips can be arranged for those who want to try their hand at angling on the waters of Lake Victoria, but check in advance the legality of the area you fish in as it’s likely fishing will be prohibited in national parks.

Exotic, Welcoming and Friendly

When you tell your friends and family you’re planning to head to Uganda for a holiday the reactions you get may be of awe, wonder and excitement. After all, it sounds so exotic to say you’ll be holidaying in Uganda, doesn’t it? Add to this the fact that the Ugandan people are friendly, welcoming and enjoy meeting people from around the world, and it’s the perfect combination for both hardened travellers and newbies alike.

Africa Is Amazing

Uganda doesn’t have to be your only stop on your trip either. With the neighbouring countries of Kenya and Tanzania, it’s entirely possible to do a triangle of the three, what with all their unique things to see and do. In Kenya, you have the Maasai Mara National Park which is world famous for its tribes and wildlife. In Tanzania you have the commanding mountain Kilimanjaro which you can climb over a week or so with a guide as well as the Serengeti – probably one of the most famous nature reserves in the world.

So with so much to see and do in one small part of the world, what are you waiting for? Get online today and book yourself a trip to Uganda and see what all the fuss is about! Enjoy!

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