Top African destinations with the best gaming spots

Travelling is fun and educative. Almost each one of us loves to travel at one point or the other. However, what differs is where we love travelling to. Some are shoppers and their travelling guide is inspired by great shopping adventures, therefore, cities such as Milan and Paris are the mecca for such group of travellers. There are also those that love beaches, and those that love the warmth of the sun and the roaring sounds of the lions and other wildlife, and for these Africa is the go to destination.

In addition, there are those who love the thrill of gambling such that there cannot do without spinning the reels or counting cards at the round table, while casinos online may guarantee gambling regardless of location, there is this feeling that one gets when playing at a land-based casino than online. As such, for these players, it’s a requirement that when they travel, the destination has to be a country that recognises and legally allows gambling. If you are such a traveller who loves gambling and you find yourself having to tour Africa, these are the top African countries with the best land-based casinos.

South Africa

If the US is the gambling mecca of the world, then South Africa is the gambling mecca of Africa. South Africa has some of the world’s best casino resorts with state of the art facilities. It does not really matter which city or town you find yourself living in when you tour South Africa, there is always a casino resort nearby that you can visit and play some of the best games a casino has to offer.

Some of the best casino resorts in South Africa include Desert Palace Hotel & Casino Resort (Upington), Suncoast Casino (Durban), Carnival City Casino (Boksburg), Flamingo Casino (Kimberly), Blackrock Casino (Newcastle), Golden Valley Casino (Worcester), and Grandwest Casino (Cape Town).


While conventional casinos rule in South Africa, Tanzania is a bit different as it’s a haven for sportsbooks. The type of gambling you will mostly find in Tanzania is that of picking which team or player between two or more will win and which one will lose. Other casino games such as table games (roulette and blackjack etc.) and slots though existent are not particularly common. However, the reason why Tanzania ranks as a good spot for gaming is that the betting stations/halls as they are popularly called are different from the ones in other parts of the world such as Europe, the US, and Australia. Here, you will find unique sports betting halls that have a distinctly African feel to them. Most of the sports betting halls in Tanzania are always packed with punters but that shouldn’t be a deterrent as the punters are faithful and they always love to share their predictions openly.

The top sports betting facilities in Tanzania include Kilimanjaro, Las Vegas, Kings Casino, Le Grand, New Africa, Princess Casino, Safari Casino, and Sea Cliff Resort and Casino.

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