The Top Ten Foods you need to try on your Trip to Thailand

Venturing out to Thailand can feel like one heck of an adventure. You have so many things you need to try out! The beautiful temples, the night markets, the swinging nightlife, but most importantly, you need to try out the food. Thailand is famous for its curry-based dishes and its spice. If you are a fan of rice, noodles and fantastically fragrant foods, you are going to fall in love with Thai cooking. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

1. Durian

Now, this fruit is known as the “King of Fruits” for a reason. You may not have thought that a single fruit would be on this list, but if you ever come into contact with a Durian, you will see (or smell) exactly why this fruit should be on your bucket list for tasting. To put it bluntly, Durian smells pretty rancid when you’re next to it. It smells like extremely sweaty socks and has even been banned from plane menus due to its pungent smell. However, tasting it is completely different. This fruit can grow up 30cm and has a soft centre within it. It tastes very sweet. You just need to be able to get past the smell before you take a bite.

Be brave and give this fruit a go! It’s something that you need to get off your bucket list. Just add it to a fruit salad and see what happens.

2. Pad Thai

Yes, you’ve probably had Pad Thai at your local Asian restaurant. But having Pad Thai in Thailand is a whole different experience. Let’s say you’ve just met up with a beautiful Thai escort from an extremely realiable Thai ladyboy escort service and you want to impress her with a traditional dish. Well, going out for Pad Thai is probably the best thing you can do to get her attention.

Pad Thai, also known as “phat Thai”, was created in the 1930s by a Chinese Thai chef looking to create an extremely filling dish. This is why the dish usually is quite dry and involves a lot of meat and carbohydrates. Thin rice noodles are stir-fried alongside the egg, shrimp, veggies, fish sauce, chilli and even peanuts, depending on the type of Pad Thai you get.

3. Guay Teow (Noodle Soup)

Are you a bit of a picky eater? Don’t worry, that’s only you and probably half of the world. Luckily, if you go to Thailand and want to try something that looks familiar, you may want to try Guay Teow, aka. noodle soup. This soup can be made with chicken, beef, pork or even can be vegetarian. It includes rice/egg noodles with vendors sometimes adding in some wontons or meatballs. Veggies are a must if you’re going to have Guay Teow, for beansprouts and spring onions add a fantastic crunch to the dish. You can even add sugar, chilli peppers, fish sauce and lime juice!

The best thing about this dish is that it can be eaten at any time of the day. That means you can go out to a local market at 9 am and probably find a vendor selling it. However, the best time to have it in the evening time. That way you can chill out and enjoy relaxing with a full stomach.

4. Keow Wan

If you’re a spice lover, then it’s time for you to travel all the way to central Thailand to try Gaeng Keow Wan. This is known as “green curry” and it is guaranteed to blow your tastebuds off. Green curry is known as one of the spiciest in all of Thailand. Whilst this might sound a little daunting, it isn’t too scary if you can handle your spice. To make sure that the curry doesn’t just scald your tongue, it is combined with a balance of sweet ingredients, including coconut milk, ginger, eggplant and some steamed rice. When it comes to eating traditional foods in Thailand, this is the best one to start with.

5. Tom Yum Soup

Basically, this translates as “sour shrimp soup.” Despite the translation, it is honestly one of the best comfort foods in all of Thailand. It’s perfect for a rainy day when you’re cooped up inside of your hotel accommodation. The soup is made with a mixture of lemongrass, chilli, ginger, kafir lime leaves, shrimp (obviously) and mushrooms. Just keep in mind that sometimes this comes back as fairly spicy. So, if you aren’t a spice fan, make sure to ask for no spice. Your soup should come back to you at a fairly decent spice level.

6. Pad Krapow Moo Saap

Take a stroll through any Thai market and you will probably come across a vendor selling this. This dish is made up of Fried basil and pork. It’s cheap, tastes gorgeous and often comes with garlic, chillies and white rice. Think of it as a curry with less sauce. Just remember to let the vendor know how much spice you want. If you don’t, you may end up with an extremely spicy dish. The good news about Pad Krapow Moo Saap is that it can be served at any time in the day, even when you are feeling hungover!

7. Phuket Lobster

Feeling classy? Well, if you’re up to spending a little bit more on your food experience in Thailand, you may want to indulge in Phuket Lobster with all the trimmings. Did you know that Phuket lobster is actually more expensive than Canadian Lobster? This is because the lobster in Phuket is far juicier and fresh. Combine it with a salad and some garlic butter, you will be experiencing true luxury, especially if you try it at Kata Rocks, a luxury resort in South Thailand.

8. Laap

This is a rustic dish that comes all the way from Thailand’s northeast. It is also known as Larb or Larp, but its most common name is “Laap.” Laap is minced meat seasoned with lime juice, fish sauce, fresh herbs and, most importantly, roasted rice powder. You can also eat it with sticky rice. A lot of locals choose to eat this dish by hand, so feel free to join in if you’re interested in practising the local culture.

9. Khao Soi

If you are up to exploring the north of Thailand, one of the most unique dishes in the area if Khao Soi. This is a curry-based noodle soup that includes chicken or beef. The noodles tend to be small and thin and are combined with crunchy wonton pieces. The dish can also include lime, shallots, pickled greens and a coconut milk broth. However, if you prefer your dishes to be a bit spicier, don’t be afraid to ask for some chilli as well.

 10. Mango Sticky Rice

This list has gone on so much about main dishes, it just felt right to be able to include a desert as well. You can get dessert rice from any country, but Thailand combines this delicious snack with sticky rice, coconut milk and fresh mango. It’s the perfect treat to have if you have had a spicy curry beforehand. The best thing about this dish? You can eat it with a spoon or with your hands! The choice is entirely up to you.

Ready to dine in Thailand?

Thailand is home to some of the most delicious dishes in all of the world. If you are a curry fan or a noodle lover then you will feel like you are finally where you belong. The mixture of spice and sweetness of the area will leave your tastebuds tingling and always wanting more.

Happy dining!

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