3 Best Countries for Students to Work and Travel

Almost every student dream of getting the opportunity to visit many places around the world. Work and travel can afford students the fantastic opportunity. For most students, being away in a far country is not only an opportunity for them to know more about the world around. It’s also the best chance to stay off daily routine. Check out this list made my Dissertation Experts:

Work and Travel-Best Time for New Experiences!

Did you just graduate from high school? Perhaps, you want to travel out to experience life in a different part of the world. Maybe you’ve decided to meet new people before you become very busy with work. This kind of unique experience is always exciting. It doesn’t matter who you are. Whether you are still in college or you’ve finished college.

It’s one thing to decide that you are traveling. It’s another thing to determine where you are traveling to. Funny right? Maybe, it’s not totally funny if you check through the list of all countries you can go to. The list is long and sometimes it becomes difficult to choose one country in particular. Sometimes, students feel it’s until they visit one of the classic works and travel countries like Canada or Australia before they’ll have a great experience.

Choosing a Great Place for Great Experiences

For fantastic work and travel experiences, you should visit the following countries:

1. Mexico

Mexico has many heavenly experiences. Speaking of the colorful streets which are not so common in other countries. Also, the delicious food that’ll leave you wanting more. There are several beaches which you can go for relaxation. Culture in Mexico is mystifying but trust me you would love it. As for the job, there are different opportunities. You can work in hostels, in cafés, or on farms. You can also choose to teach language in classes. The people of Mexico are friendly and you’ll enjoy your stay.

2. French Polynesia

French Polynesia, a country lying in the Pacific Ocean from is a paradise. It comprises groups of Islands all with white sandy beaches. Aside from the beautiful beaches, there are tall palm trees which water surrounds completely. It’s a very beautiful sight. The sailing trip turns out to be a good adventure that you will love. You can’t have a problem getting a job. You can be cooking for guests in the kitchen or you can navigate boats. In fact, the latter is an adventure.  A paying one.

3. Japan

Most likely, you can’t speak Japanese. If you have an interest in learning a new language and not just culture, then visit Japan. If you can speak Japanese already, that’s a great benefit to your stay in Japan. There are many beautiful things in Japan. Beginning with their culture. Japanese are very cultural. You’ll easily notice this when you stay there even for a few hours. If your visit falls within one of the festive periods, you will have a full taste of their culture. There are many jobs you can do in Japan. You can look after kids or help them make bread. You can also take dogs out.


Moments of work and travel are always interesting ones when you go to the right place. On your next trip for such purpose, visit any of the three places we’ve mentioned. You’ll love the experience.

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