Backpack through South East Asia

Most travel lovers must have fantasised about backpacking through Southeast Asia at some point. Pretty temples, exotic beaches and an excuse to eat pad Thai for couple of days straight- it’s very tempting indeed. Even if the flight does not always come in cheap, the culture and the scenery make the trip totally worth it.

When to Go

The climate varies a little from country to country. Nonetheless, this part of the world normally enjoys heartfelt weather throughout the year. Keep in mind that the prices are the highest during the cold season when the region is much drier. So, you better travel there any time in May to September. It’s the hottest time of the year, with some showers every now and then: it’s the best time to score discounts as well!

Countries to Visit 

The best thing to do while planning a Southeast Asian vacation is to add a number of destinations without overloading your trip. For instance, if you have just few weeks to travel, don’t think of cramming into five different countries and most of the cities. It’s better to spend your time in just 2 to 3 countries to make the most of it, before jetting off to the next country. The three most popular countries are:

  • Vietnam– This country is made of incredible sites and a wonderful culture. The food is absolutely fantastic and is affordable- you better be ready to eat! Ha Long Bay is the most amazing spot in the world, and it’s a must visit place if you’re in Vietnam.
  • Thailand– Thailand is known as one of the prettiest countries of that part, and your money will go a long way! Whether its food, accommodation or shopping, it all comes at affordable prices. For the best experiences, visit Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
  • Cambodia– The most popular attraction is Angkor Wat which is located on Siem Reap for a good reason. However, you should check out other parts of this country to beat the ‘most travel routes’. Head to Koh Rong to swim in the clearest waters.

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Even if flights to Southeast Asia can be pricey, you are sure to save a whole lot of money when you reach there. You can easily live on just £20 to £35 per day, and yet stay at top-notch hotels. And, if you want to save more, better take a hostel or shared room. It cannot be denied that some countries might be more expensive than others, but it is still cheaper when compared to Europe. If you want to save the most, stick to the local foods instead of seeking Western food. At the same time, you can try new cuisine!

As for packing and luggage, it all depends on you. Take what’s comfortable for you and better travel light! When it comes to transportation, better take the local rides- they are cheaper. The only thing you need to do now. . . is to book your flights and discover Southeast Asia as a backpacker!

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