Helping Your Child Study Abroad in Italy

As a parent, letting your children discover the world on their own is very frightening. But at the same time, you will know how enriching that experience is. To ensure your child doesn’t miss out on the opportunity to study abroad in Italy¬†because of your own fears and insecurities, you could help them in preparing for their semester away, so that you know they are safe and successful while there. So what are some of the things you should look in to?


If you sign your child up with an organized study abroad opportunity, it should include housing. After all, there would be nothing worse than them arriving in a foreign country, all on their own, and having nowhere to go. They are unlikely to already be able to speak Italian and would literally find themselves lost. Hence, make sure that housing is already organized, preferably on the university campus itself. It is unlikely that food is included as part of the accommodation, however. Hence, you do need to check whether cooking facilities are available at the accommodation. Of course, if you know of better accommodation, then you could send your child there instead.

Other Support

You obviously want to make sure that your child is able to access all the necessary emergency support services. The university should have links to emergency services, and your child should be made aware of this. Furthermore, you should look into things such as the nearest hospital, doctor, dentist, and pharmacy. This way, you’ll know that your child will always be safe. Furthermore, you need to look into things such as health and safety at the accommodation and the university, whether there are visa requirements, and so on.


Typically, a study abroad program in Italy will last between a semester and a year. Shorter programs do also exist, which are usually available during school holidays. Do look into whether the fees include tuition and whether you can transfer the credits and courses back to the degree your child is completing at home. There may also be some financial aid available to study in Italy, as well as scholarships, so do make sure you look into that as well.

By looking into the offerings that exist for study abroad programs in Italy, you can make sure that your child will be able to take part in a good program. Remember that the opportunity to study in Italy is one not to be missed, and the cultural enrichment alone will be worth it. While you may feel like your child is growing up too fast, you know deep down inside that this is something they will remember forever, and that will actually make them better people. One thing that you do have to make sure, however, is that your child understands that they are going to Italy to study, and that it is not a vacation. They do have to work hard, study, and learn if they truly want to have a good experience.

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