The Great Road Trips Of The World


We have all entertained the idea of heading out on some grand adventurous road trip, haven’t we? It seems so romantic, hitting the road with a couple of your best friends for the greatest road trip ever to be had, but where to go? What to see? Depending where you are, there are a number of great routes you can take, so what are some of the most famous or popular? Read ahead to find out which routes people have either taken or plan to take one day.

Route 66 – United States

Perhaps one of the best known routes in the world, Historic US Route 66 is the perfect road trip for those who have the time and means to complete it. Don’t have enough time to complete the whole thing? No problem! You can even pick a chunk of the route nearest to you to complete. Be sure to have the full experience and stop at shifty roadside motels and diners to hobnob with truckers and other roadies. Running from Chicago, Illinois all the way to the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, this is one of the most coveted road trips in the world. You can even embark on your own little UK road trip to get geared up for Route 66 by driving your own car to Heathrow for your flight to Chicago! With Purple Parking right at Heathrow Airport, you can bring your own car and park it safely and securely for your return, when you may want to go on your return UK road trip so the fun doesn’t end when you touch back down in the UK!

Australia – Take Your Pick

It’s no surprise that if you’re looking to exercise your #WheelsOfTheWorld then Australia and it’s multitude of road trip options is the place for you. From the standard Great Ocean Highway from Torquay to Allansford in the Victoria territory. With sights like the 12 Apostles to add to the excitement along this road, it’s no wonder this 250km stretch continues to delight. For something more obscure and adventurous, check out the absolutely immense option to drive from Cairns in Queensland to Broome in the Western Territory, a drive of a whopping 3600 – 4000 kilometers, depending which road you take.

The Ultimate – London To Ulaanbaatar

If you really want to show off your #WheelsOfTheWorld, the ultimate in road trips has got to be the immense London, UK to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Originally made popular through the Mongolia Charity Rally, this route for road trips is perhaps one of the most adventurous you could possibly do to date, with or without it being part of the charity rally. Unfortunately upheaval in the Middle East means that the southern route is no longer overly safe, but with countries like France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and even China as part of the potential route chosen, it’s no wonder this is the most incredible, challenging and worldly road trip there is. It’s actually worth mentioning that many people who go into it through the Rally actually don’t end up making it to Ulaanbaatar as their car breaks down somewhere along the way due to the insanely tough terrain of some countries, but hey, that’s what road trips are all about. Adventure.

So there you have a couple of amazing examples of some of the world’s craziest, most insane or coveted road trip experiences. So get that car packed and hit the road. The world is waiting for you to come explore it!

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