Vehicle Checklist For Those Winter Road Trips


This time of year is always an exciting period in the run up to the holiday season, what with all the presents you need to buy, the wrapping to be done, cards to write and so forth. It can be easy to get so wrapped up in the Christmas glitz and excitement that you completely forget to do things like make sure your car is ready for that road trip to see family and friends in other areas of the country. No one wants to get caught out on the side of the road on Christmas Eve, do they? This isn’t just about Christmas though – the following #CarSafetyChecklist is viable literally any time of year before you take off on a lengthy drive somewhere.


Your car’s battery is one of the most important aspects of the overall vehicle. In order to keep all the electrical components running at optimum efficiency, your battery needs to maintain a charge and be in good condition. One way to make sure that your battery stays in tip top shape is to take your car in for a checkup before any road trip. Check out for more information about batteries and how they can be checked over before you hit the road any time of year. If it’s particularly cold where you are, consider plugging your car battery in overnight to help it maintain a charge and not get frozen up from the weather. This is pretty standard in a lot of places in North America where the mercury dips below a certain level.


Oil is one of the most important aspects of car maintenance and helps the inner workings of your car to stay lubricated and cool. Without oil, certain parts of your car will rub against each other causing serious wear and tear far more quickly than with oil. It will also cause your engine to overheat and stall. Oil and oil filters should be changed regularly to maintain optimal performance and is something you can typically do yourself although you can request an oil and filter change from your local mechanic as well. You can also get various types of oil – some more high performance than others for example, so consider changing your type of oil to a higher performing one for longer trips.


Car brakes are probably the most important aspect of safety for your car, especially in the winter if you’re driving on slippery icy roads. Having good brakes will ensure that you and your family stay safe out there on the roads and will allow your car to stop in time should you find yourself in a slippery situation. Be sure to get your brakes checked before any road trip any time of year to keep you and your family safe.

So whether you’re going out of town for Christmas, New Year or even planning to just go on a road trip once the warmer weather hits, you should definitely consider getting the three above aspects of your car checked out to make sure you have nothing but fun times on your road trips, regardless of the time of year.

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