The Best Spots to Visit on Your Trip to Rome

Rome makes for the perfect weekend break for people living in the UK with cheap flights available from most airports, a short flight time and a city with plenty to offer the weekend traveler. Naturally you will have to plan well to pack in as much as you can into your weekend, so we have put together a quick fly-by guide to the attractions which you should most definitely check out, and the experiences which you need to try during your time in the Italian capital. Before you fly be sure to check out the Rome airport transfers which are available, so you can get checked into your hotel as soon as possible, and get started with your action packed weekend. Once you are checked in, here is where you should be heading.

The Colosseum

Having the chance to witness one of the World’s Seven Wonders should most certainly be taken up, and a visit to the Colosseum will not disappoint. This ancient amphitheater was once the home of Gladiator contests and huge Roman shows which would see thousands of locals packed in for a night of fun and entertainment. The structure has stood tall for Centuries and whilst only around 3/4 of the original building remains, it makes for a fascinating sight.

The Trevi Fountain

Throughout the city you will see open-air art installations which will blow you away and the Trevi Fountain is no different. This beautiful fountain was designed and constructed in 1762 yet looks as fresh and modern as it did back then. The fountain was designed in the Baroque style and its sheer size is magnificent, spend an hour or two at a local bar with a craft beer, looking at the fountain and basking in its glorious design, don’t forget to throw a coin in for luck!


It may sound cliched to eat a pizza in Italy but when you go to Rome, it is a prerequisite, as it is here that you will find the finest pizza in the country. Throughout the city you’ll find pizzerias run by generations of families who have been preparing pizzas in the same way for years. Forget everything that you think you know about pizzas, and try a delicious offering from the original kings and queens of pizzas. Research which the best are, or simply head to Pizzarium, my personal favorite.


A trip to Rome wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Vatican, the home of the Pope and the head of the Catholic church. The building itself is spectacular but it is inside that the fun really begins. The Sistine chapel is a must, where you will see the intricate ceiling design which Michelangelo dedicated his life to. Equally as impressive in my view is the map room, filled with some of the original maps of Italy which were put together by cartographers who were way ahead of their time.

A weekend should give you just enough time to pack all of this in before heading home.

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