List of the Best Outdoor Waterparks in the UK

When summer arrives in the United Kingdom, it is the perfect opportunity to relax and chill with your friends and family members by planning outdoor activities like picnics, camping, long drives, and more. This season also attracts millions to the country’s best water parks. You should do this too. Thanks to your UK visa, for spending summer in the UK. Here’s a list of the best outdoor water parks in the UK that are worth visiting: 

1. WaterWorld Stoke

If you prefer thrilling adventures then head over to the WaterWorld in Stoke. The water rides here are wild and you will get to see a million gallons of water along with unusual offerings. The Space Bowl is an iconic ride here where you get to sit in a bowl-shaped structure and then get plunged into the pool below. This slide is a must! You also have a wave pool and a lazy river for those looking just to relax. 

2. Coral Reef Waterworld

The Coral Reef Waterworld is one of the best UK waterparks and an enjoyable destination for all ages. This waterpark is known for offering a ton of exciting waterslides and a pirate ship for the kids. During your visit here, you will get to see a volcano that erupts at random times. For grownups, there is an open-air coral spa making it perfect to rest, relax and chill. However, this space is only accessible to adults.

3. Blue Lagoon

Located in Pembrokeshire in Wales, the Blue Lagoon is one of the biggest water park in UK. This park has a glass ceiling that is perfect to relax in the water while enjoying the blue skies. Moreover, due to the use of local biomass, the entire complex keeps you warm. Blue Lagoon is perfect for the young and adults thanks to an open-air spa and a bubble pool helping you to chill out. Those looking for fun have four crazy water chutes and a wave pool to experience. 

4. Alton Towers Water Park

If you are near Stoke and Birmingham then the Alton Towers Water Park is the perfect destination. The park is known for its impressive beach-like layout giving you the impression of being on a tropical beach. If you have small children tagging along, then head over to Wacky Waterworks full of water cannons and fountains. As for the adults, you have access to a pool in the outdoor area to relax and enjoy the weather. Keep in mind that the prices for the water park section of Alton Towers are different. 

5. Coral Reef 

The Coral Reef Waterpark is known for being one of the biggest aqua park in UK. This water park is known for some of the best aquatic adventures you can ask for. From a giant water slide to a huge pirate ship, there are a ton of activities you can do here during your visit. For kids, there are laser shows, 360-degree video projection, light shows, and more. The best feature or activity for adults is the giant water slides. The park also offers heated sun loungers, pools, a relaxing spa, a steam room, and a sauna. 

6. Inverness Aquadome Leisure Waters

This is one of the biggest outdoor waterpark in UK. The Inverness Aquadome Leisure Waters is home to 2 massive swimming pools perfect for competitors or family leisure time. The leisure pool is the right place to experience a large wave pool, outdoor thistle-shaped pool, flume rides, and a river with jets and geysers. There is also a toddler pool for the young ones to have a great time. 

7. Wet N Wild, Tyne and Wear

Wet N Wild Park is one of the finest in the UK. For adventure seekers, the Wet N Wild water park is the place to be. One of the best attractions of this park is the Lazy River. For children, there are whirlpools and small water slides to enjoy. However, push yourself to experience adrenaline by heading to the Kamikaze Flume. This is an 80-foot drop which isn’t for the light-hearted.  

The best water park holidays in UK are something you need to experience. Head over to the UK, and plan to have a great summer full of fun. 

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