Men’s Shoe Styles

Every piece of your wardrobe plays an important role, but shoes can really make or break your look. The right pair can make the difference between an average look and truly stunning style. Stylish men also know how and where to shop for their footwear essentials. Great shoes don’t have to break the bank, so check out a few tips for finding the best discount shoes online.

Know What You Need

Whether you shop at a brick-and-mortar retailer or buy mens shoes online, you want to get the most for your money. To achieve that goal, you must know what you need from the shoes you buy. Comfort and style are both key, but the shoes’ features should also match the environment in which you wear them.  Winter boots, for example, should incorporate traction-focused outsoles, insulative materials, waterproofed exteriors and insoles that deliver comfortable cushioning. Meanwhile, don’t forget that different activities call for different styles. If you’ll only wear your winter boots during a daily commute or trips to the store, you’ll need a different style than a guy who frequently hikes in deep snow.

Basic Styles To Consider

As we’ve already mentioned, every man has different footwear needs. With that said, a few essential styles form the core of most men’s shoe collections. Knowing these styles and understanding their characteristics can help you choose pairs that work best for your wardrobe and budget. Your closet should contain some key basics:

  • Leather dress Oxfords:Lace-up shoes featuring a closed lacing system, a low heel and an exposed ankle. Plain-toe Oxfords are a great choice for formal events, while cap-toe styles are ideal for office wear.
  • Brown loafers:Available in a wide range of styles. Loafers can dress up a casual outfit or put a relaxed spin on semi-formal ensembles.
  • Casual boots: Common boot styles include Chelsea, chukka, brogue and lace-up work boots. Chelsea styles are versatile, great with both office wear and after hours.
  • Dress boots: Constructed in similar styles as casual boots, but key differences include materials used and exterior finishes.
  • Low-top sneakers:Crafted in lace-up and slip-on editions. Common silhouettes include vintage bumper-toe, chunky, skater and lifestyle athletic.
  • Driving moccasins:Slip-on shoes with a moccasin-like shape, rubber pebbles on the outsole and a snug yet comfortable fit.
  • Athletic shoes: Built with performance features that support specific types of workouts or sporting activities.
  • Boat shoes: Feature a loafer-like silhouette with non-slip outsoles and hand-sewn uppers. Invented by Paul Sperry in the early 20th

Choose a Trustworthy Retailer

Whether you’re looking for Timberland chukka boots, Sperry deck shoes or discount Puma shoes, choosing a reputable shoe store is important. Before you buy, check out the retailer’s website and look for its shipping, returns and exchange policies. Don’t forget to review each shoe’s list of features and pay attention to details such as its construction, materials, the amount of cushioning and outsole type.

Smart Shopping Is Vital

When building a new wardrobe or expanding your footwear collection, following wise shopping practices ensures that you choose the right types of shoes. For best results, make sure you know what you need to buy, understand basic footwear styles and shop at a reputable retailer.

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