No Fuss Hairstyle and Makeup Tips That Are Perfect for Traveling

Being on vacation means you are looking for that break from your everyday life. Maybe you’ve booked a beach destination where you plan on lazing by the beach all day long, catching up on your naps and enjoying the sun. Then again, maybe you’re more of the active type and you’ve booked a European tour that will have you trekking through a different city, town, or village each and every day.

One thing that can be said for pretty much any vacation, no matter the style or destination, is that you don’t want to have to fuss much when it comes to your hair, makeup, and clothing. The goal is to spend as much time as possible enjoying your vacation, not stuck in your room fussing around with how you look. To ensure that your holiday is as simple as possible, here are some no-fuss hairstyle and makeup tips meant for travelers.

Leave the Heat Tools at Home and Embrace the Natural Look

The biggest tip when it comes to hairstyles is to leave all those heat tools at home. This means your blow-dryer, curling iron, and flat iron. All of these take up precious time to use, time that could be much better spent while on holidays. Instead, it’s all about embracing the natural look. Of course, there are some products you can use that will help that natural look stay tame and stylish, such as curl enhancing cream or lotion, leave-in conditioner, styling gel, and anti-frizz spray.

If you’re looking for some no-fuss hairstyle suggestions, you can always check out You’ll find some of the popular styles to be braids, low and high ponytails, loose knots or the sock bun, and head wraps.

Focus on Simple Glowing Skin and Makeup

When it comes to makeup, this one is a two-fold process. Obviously, you don’t want to spend an hour applying makeup in your room each day, but there is also the fact that you probably don’t have room in your suitcase to bring all your makeup. Ideally, you want to pack as light as possible, which means scaling back on the products you bring and use.

One of the best looks when it comes to holiday makeup is healthy glowing skin with minimal makeup. By keeping things simple, you won’t have to worry about re-touching through the day as well. Be sure to pack hydrating skincare products, as air travel can dry out your skin, a tinted moisturizer or BB cream with sunscreen built-in, bronzer, a peach-toned blush, a couple of neutral-toned eyeshadows that vary in depth/darkness, a waterproof mascara, lip balm, and a liquid lipstick. These items will be more than enough to put together a polished yet natural look in mere minutes.

Free Up Your Time to Enjoy Your Holidays

These no-fuss tips will help ensure that you don’t have to spend much time fussing with hair and makeup, yet you’ll still look put together, glowing, and natural all vacation long.

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