4 Celebrative Ideas for Welcoming a New Family Pet

Getting a new pet for the family can be a very joyous and memorable experience, so it makes sense that you’d want to celebrate the arrival of your new furry (or not so furry?) friend. Of course, if you’ve never thrown a party for a pet before, you might be wondering what you can do to let the little critter know they’re welcome and appreciated. While the animal might not comprehend what’s going on, the kids certainly will, and it will make the day your pet came home a much cooler memory to look back on in the future. With that said, here are 4 ideas for ushering your pet into the home in style.

1. Prepare a Special Meal

A good evening dinner or lunch picnic can be a festive way to celebrate your new family companion. If it’s a dog or a cat that is old enough to have leftovers in moderation, you could even make a shared meal with a few modifications tailored to your pet’s dietary needs (i.e. – a meat loaf dish for a dog, or a fish dinner for the cat). Letting the kids participate in making a special pet dish can be fun and it gives them a good initial bonding experience. If you’re looking for interesting recipes that you can put a pet-friendly spin on, try checking out the Reasons to Skip the Housework blog for inspiration.

2. Throw a Pet Party

Do you have some friends that have pets of their own? Are they compatible with your new pet (won’t try to eat them)? If so, why not throw a fun pet party inviting others to bring their pets and kids? This can make things a bit more interesting than spending the entire day alone as a family.

3. Take a Trip to the Park

An outdoor activity is a great way to give your pet some true enjoyment beyond the confines of captivity. The sunlight and scenery make the day more memorable, providing for a better backdrop to photos that you can add to the family photo album, which leads us to our next tip.

4. Create a Picture Album

If you follow the first three tips in this guide, you should encounter ideal photo opportunities popping up throughout the day. Bring a good camera or smartphone and try to capture the cutest and coolest moments as they happen. You don’t have to overdo the photography but stopping occasionally to take a picture is definitely a worthwhile addition to the day.

Creating a Lasting Memory of Your Pet’s First Day Home

In closing, all of the above recommendations are geared towards giving you and your loved ones the most memorable and entertaining experience when welcoming a new pet into the home. In the long run, if you heed these tips and try to make the most of it, you’ll be glad you did when you compare it to the bland alternative of just bringing the pet home and going about your day.

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