How the Boxers Pack the Bags for Matches?

The boxing we know and love by billions around the globe is one of the oldest Olympic games firstly introduced in the 7th century by the Greeks. Boxing is a fight in which two people wear gloves, throw punches at each other for a number of rounds. Judges count the “Scoring punches” to know who won the round and the person winning more rounds wins the match or the fighter is considered as knocked out if he is unable to beat the 10-sec countdown after hitting the canvas.

There are some other rules to find out the winner but here we will talk about how the professionals pack the bags before the fight night. Now there are two professional boxing variants, amateur boxing; and then there is professional boxing. Amateur boxing happens at Olympics, commonwealth, etc. The practitioners usually wear all the protective boxing gear to avoid any fatal injury inside the ring. while professional boxing is also known as “prizefighting” is without any protective gear, more rounds to fight, more round times.

General Bag Packing.

2 Pair of Boxing Gloves (10 oz)

Gloves are mostly provided by the event organizers or sponsors but that’s not always going to happen especially for the local events so it would not be wise to count on others to provide you all the stuff when you are at the most ordinary level.

Boxing gloves are available in different sizes according to your fit. Small gloves come in the size of 12 oz, medium 14oz, and large 16oz. Before buying them be sure that they give a perfect fit. If they lose it means they are not appropriate and your hands can get injured during a competition. Elite sports boxing gloves are best suitable for your boxing competition. Other than that, there are two types of boxing gloves one is bag gloves and the other is sparring gloves. Bag gloves are made up of several padding to give immense protection to your hands. Because your hands are one with whom you can box. So, try to get those gloves that are durable, and gives you the proper fit.

Hand wraps and boxing punching mitts.

Hand wraps are used for the protection of your finger’s bones and wrist during combat but there are some myths that certain types of folds can deliver knock-out power which is a false myth but no one ever denies the importance of a good wrapping technique. Its main purpose is to protect the fighter’s hands and the certainty of knowing that they can go full power without hurting their hands. I would say an extra pair of hand wraps in your bags would be advisable.

Note: You can check Elite sports punching mitts  for the best quality at affordable prices

Un-molded Mouthguard and Other Essentials.

Pick up USA boxing certified headgear if you are going for an amateur bout, and a pair of two shiny new mouthguards because no one is going to share the mouthpiece, and besides, it should be molded or you can do this later if you can find a source to heat water but make sure it is not colored, pink or red is not allowed in the competitions as the officials can’t see the blood coming out of your mouth.

A pair of shorts, a jersey, and few extra socks might not look important but it can save your day if you are in need. Another important thing mostly ignored is the scissors, you will need it to cut off the gauzes and the tapes after the match. For the gauze and the tapes, you can check all the important information about how much gauze and tape is allowed by checking the USA Boxing National Rule Book

Do not forget to bring a few extra water bottles, rubber gloves, Vaseline, pieces of cotton for the Cutman, and a towel; to throw in and stop the fights, some power bars. Remember, water bottles should be clear and so the power bars.

Corner Setup

With all the above things, you will need a 2-3 people team to help you out during the fight. It will include a Cutman; the man responsible for your wounds and injuries and stop your bleeding he will need the below things to work on your wounds.

  • Bottled Water
  • Adrenaline 1:1000(epinephrine)
  • Vaseline
  • Sponge
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Ice bags
  • Stool to sit
  • Enswell
  • Two small buckets – 1 for ice, the other for spits.

With all of these things in your luggage, you have a complete corner and ready to take off for any fight anywhere in the world.

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