How to stay in shape when backpacking

If you are on a six-month trip, plan to travel for a year or more, or are even on a two-week long backpacking holiday, it can be tough staying in shape and finding time to workout while on the road. Sure, the novelty of eating out and enjoying a few drinks with your fellow travelers will last for the first few days, but a lack of routine in terms of your health and wellbeing could soon have you feeling sluggish, bloated and run down. Just because you are backpacking, there is no excuse when it comes to staying in shape and making the right choices about your diet and lifestyle.

Exercise to improve strength

Ok, so you may not be planning a week-long hiking trip, or perhaps you plan on spending more time on the beach than trekking with your 20-kilo pack, but it is well worth taking time to stretch and exercise to improve your strength and endurance. You could even start improving your fitness levels before you leave home too, by making sure you include several high intensity or weights sessions as part of your workout regime. Begin by working on your upper body and improving your back and neck muscles, as you will need to be in the best shape that you can be to carry your bag – and any new purchases that you pick up on the way. Be sure to get up and get active!

Eat well

Just as you would at home, it’s important to eat well and include lots of fresh local fruits and vegetables in your diet. Make the most of the facilities at your hostel, hotel, or guesthouse, and get cooking up some hearty, healthy and wholesome meals that will last you for a few days. Enjoy visiting local markets to pick up some delicious ingredients and spices to excite your taste buds. If you aren’t sure about the quality of meal on offer, then buy tinned fish, or fresh fish when available to ensure that you are consuming enough protein. Soup, vegetable curries, and couscous or rice-based dishes are all ideals for hungry travelers on the lookout for a healthier option.

Consider supplements

If you are traveling for a longer period of time, or are looking to lose a few pounds while you are on the road, then diet drops could be the answer that you are looking for. Ideal for fat burning and assisting your diet and exercise efforts, diet drops or supplements can help you boost your weight loss efforts. Don’t miss sites such as for reviews and information to help you choose the right product for you.

It can be difficult to remain motivated and focused when you are traveling, in particular, if you are visiting a lot of destinations in a short period of time. So make sure that you remain active and incorporate exercise into your routine, and don’t forget to cook and prepare wholesome dishes. Finally, consider taking supplements or diet drops to help support your healthy diet and weight loss efforts.

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