The Most Poisonous Animals in the Planet

There are over 7 million species of animals in the world and not all of them are docile as the pets you keep at home. As a matter of fact, a bulk of them is wild, with being so dangerous that poison from them would give you a direct appointment with the mortician. This is why you need to very careful when you venture outdoors, especially if you are planning for expedited passport renewal so that you can go backpacking in another country. Here is a brief look at some of the most poisonous animals on the planet, and which you should avoid any form of contact with during your travels.

Sydney Tunnels Spider

Australia is a wonderful country, and if you have gone for expedited passport renewal for a visit to this magical destination, then you can expect nothing but pure bliss during your trip. However, you must be aware of the existence of the Syndru Tunnel Spider. It is the deadliest species of spiders not just in Australia, but in the entire world. It most beloved dwelling place in the bushes and it has a very high population in New South Wales. With just a single sting, you would be dead in less than one hour. A bite will most certainly cause muscle spasms and convulsions and if not taken care of immediately, death is imminent. Therefore, be very careful if you were planning on venturing into this region for some outdoor activities. Take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself against insect bites.

Beaked Sea Snake


This is one of the most dangerous sea snakes in the world and a bite from it will surely cause immediate paralysis and muscle shutdown in the entire body. So dangerous is the snake that if you don’t get quick medical attention in under six hours, then you will certainly die from the bite. With the amounts of toxins in its body, the beaked sea snake can kill a total of five adults before it runs out of venom to cause more damage. The snake is mainly found in Australia and Asia and its venom can always be treated with an appropriate anti-venom, but only when done at the right time.

Komodo Dragons

Dragons are real and just as the movies depict them, they are just as dangerous and one of the most lethal of the species in the Komodo Dragons found in Indonesia. Its venom is contained in its salivary glands and it is its lethal weapon it uses to kill its prey. So vicious is the animal that with just its jaws alone, it can take down a fully grown tiger. These giant and dangerous lizards measure about three meters long. If you were planning on visiting Indonesia and you are worried about the dragon, then you should know that people protect themselves from them with the use of sticks and stones. You must never allow them to come close to a striking distance, since depending on where you are, it may not be possible to get to a hospital as soon as possible. Avoid any form of contact with them.

The Death Stalker Scorpion


Scorpions are dangerous, and you are constantly warned against coming into contact with them, but the Death Stalker Scorpion is one species you wouldn’t want to mess around with. The scorpion is predominantly found in the Middle East and North America and a single sting from them is enough to cause convulsions, pain, fever, and sometimes death. The sting is extremely painful, though not strong enough to kills a healthy adult, but may be lethal to children and older people as well as people suffering from a myriad of heart conditions.

Poison Dart Frog


This frog is about two inches long and with its poison, it can kill up to ten adults with just a small amount of the venom. The frog is very colorful and it would be a pleasure to watch, but this is the catch since any contact with it can lead to the lethal bites. It is mainly found in the rainforests of Central and South America. Even when dead or when preyed upon, the poison is always present in its skin and will comfortably kill any large animal that tries to feast on it.

Box Jelly Fish

The Box Jellyfish is one of the most dangerous sea creatures you will ever come across. Its venom has the ability to penetrate the skin and access the central nervous system where it will not just cause paralysis, but also can lead to immediate heart attack. The stings by the fish are so painful that victims normally go into shock immediately and will most certainly die before they reach the shore if it takes a long time to get the emergency services. Since 1954, it estimated that a total of over 5,000 deaths have resulted as a result of stings by the Box Jelly Fish. As an immediate remedy, applying vinegar to the stung sites will stop the venom from penetrating deep into the skin, thus increasing the chances of survival for the victim, but the vinegar will not help with the pain. The Box Jelly Fish is mainly found in Australia, Asia and it is also common in Hawaii.

Inland Taipan


Inland Taipan is the most dangerous snake found in Australia and it has the ability to kill up to one hundred people or 250,000 mice within a span of just 45 minutes. The venom it has is believed to be between 300 – 400 times more dangerous than that of any cobra. But the good news is that it is not easy to spot the snake and there are no records of human fatalities resulting from its bite. But still, you may not want to have an encounter with it.

Puffer Fish

The venom from puffer fish can cause rapid heart rate, dizziness, vomiting, deadening of the mouth and even muscle paralysis. The victims of this vertebrae will die between four and twenty-four hours if they don’t get immediate medical attention. Again, it is one of those animals whose poison still don’t have a cure. It is mainly found in Japan and Korea, where it is also a delicacy after its skin and internal organs are removed since those are where the poisons are produced and stored.

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