Tips for Asthma Sufferers Who Are Heading Out On a Hiking Vacation

Adventure and activity-based vacations have been growing in popularity over the past few years, making them a great option for singles, couples, and even families who aren’t interested in the typical beach vacation. According to a recent report done by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, hiking now tops the list as the most popular activity for those who consider themselves adventure travelers. It is followed closely by backpacking, trekking, and sea and white water rafting and kayaking.

While a hiking vacation may sound intriguing and interesting to you, if you happen to be an asthma sufferer it may not be such a simple decision to make. Is it even possible to book a hiking vacation if you have asthma? And if so, what can you do to prepare in advance and keep your health front and center while on your vacation? Here are some tips that should help.

Visit a Respiratory Therapist in Advance

The moment you start to think about booking a hiking-style vacation, it’s a good idea to book an appointment with a respiratory therapist. If you don’t already have one, be sure to find one that has their credentials and has attended a respected and well-known school, such as the ones you’d find through

Respiratory therapists are trained to diagnose, educate, and treat those who have lung problems. They will be able to measure your lung function and capacity and then give you information on how to treat manage your asthma. Adjustments may be needed to your current treatment plan, especially while you are away on your hiking adventure. Be sure you tell your therapist what your plans are, so they can give specific advice and tips.

Understand What Your Triggers Are

It’s also very important that you understand what your triggers are. By knowing your triggers, you can do your best to avoid them; or at least limit them. For example, if your asthma is triggered by outdoor allergens, then it can be helpful to take allergy medicine while on vacation.

Pack an Extra Inhaler

If you use an inhaler to manage your asthma, it’s a good idea to pack an extra one with you, just in case, and always carry one with you at all times. That could mean in your hiking backpack, bag, or purse. You need to be prepared for an attack at any time.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Another tip is to make sure you are paying attention to your body. If you start breathing fast or have trouble getting your breath, it’s time to stop and take a rest. You can do harm to yourself and bring on an attack if you ignore the warning signs and just push on forward.

Inform Travel Companions of Your Condition

It’s also wise to inform your travel companions of your condition so they can be mindful of your health and understand that you may need to slow down, stop, and take more frequent breaks than them.

It Doesn’t Have to Stop You from Enjoying Travel

Just because you have asthma it doesn’t mean you have to forgo adventure activities. What it means is that you need to speak to your doctor in advance and get advice, and then be prepared by carrying your medication/inhaler with you.

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