This is what makes a property your dream home

Every first-time home buyer has a list of the things they desire to have in their first home. Due to the numerous aspects involved in the real estate industry, the process of finding the best property can be challenging to most buyers. Here are the things you should consider when buying a property.

  1. Location

This is a very important factor that can turn a property into your dream home. The property should be placed in an ideal location where it can be accessed easily, such as the recent off plan project in Dubai, “Dubai Creek Harbour”. In addition, it should be close to all necessary amenities such as banks, schools, grocery stores, etc. Also, the location should have the utmost security.

  1. Size

Each residential neighbourhood has a huge variety of houses that vary in total square footage and the number of rooms. The size you choose should depend on your taste and preference and budget. When determining the market value, you should start with the homes adjacent to the house you are interested in.

  1. The kitchen

Most activities in the house are centred in the kitchen. So, this room is a very important consideration when looking for a house. Houses with larger kitchens are most desirable especially if they are fitted with necessary and modern appliances. In most of today’s floor plans, the kitchen is placed adjacent to the dining space and breakfast nook. It is a big plus for the property if the kitchen leads to the backyard.

  1. Bedrooms and bathrooms

Most buyers are looking for houses with between two to four bedrooms. So, if you buy in this range, you are likely to get potential buyers if you decide to resell. You should choose a house that has at least two bathrooms. At the very minimum, choose a house that has one bathroom for the guest or shared by other bedrooms and a master bathroom.

  1. Storage

When looking for a house, you should also consider the storage space. For instance, walk-in closets are desirable for the master bedroom. For the rest of the bedrooms, the closet space should be adequate. A garage space will add to the resale value in case you choose to sell the property in the future. Choose a house that has at least two parking spaces.

Arabian ranches by Emaar is a project that comprises of villas and townhouse while the Emaar beachfront consist of apartments only.  These two projects are fronted by Emaar properties which is one of the biggest real estate agents in Dubai. The best part is that both the projects offer all the amazing features that buyers would look for.

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