Polynesia – Dreamy Gateway To The Pacific


Oh, Polynesia. Just the word conjures up images of beautiful beaches, stretches of bright blue waters as far as the eye can see and the innate beauty of both flora and fauna. Polynesia is actually an umbrella term for the many vast amounts of islands that make up the eastern part of Oceania and even includes the US State of Hawaii as well as Chile’s Easter Island. With so many islands in the region it can be difficult to choose the best ones, so here we give you a rundown on a couple of the more popular options.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia is easily one of the most visited in the region. With islands like Bora Bora and Tahiti to call its own, it’s easy to see how people are keen to flock here. While it has some of the most eye-wateringly expensive islands on the planet, it can be navigated on a budget if planning is executes and plans adhered to. If wishing to visit more than one or two of the islands that are close enough to access by boat, air travel is the only way to get to and from various regions in a timely manner and passes connecting multiple islands are available. Air Tahiti offer great itinerary suggestions for those looking to visit multiple islands in the region. Hotels range in price but even budget can be eye wateringly high. Try to stick with guesthouses if running on a budget. Ultimately, the easiest way to consider French Polynesia is as the playground for celebrities and indeed should you stay at higher end locales it would not be far-fetched to catch a glimpse of rock stars or A-list celebrities.

Cook Islands

This string of impressive islands was first seen by Captain Cook in the late 1700s, lending them his name. This string of islands is more budget friendly than French Polynesia, but anything that has to be imported in will be significantly higher in price, so it’s not a great place to be picky about having real milk versus UHT or powdered milk unless you don’t mind literally paying the price for it. Hotels can be found for cheaper than other islands and guesthouses still provide the best authentic island experience. There are an abundance of fantastic snorkelling and diving opportunities as well as hiking, caving and other various outdoor things to do. Make sure to make time for the markets in Rarotonga – they are a real treat.


This is the string of islands to head to if you’re truly on a budget. Significantly less developed than its regional neighbours Kiribati is poorer but ever so friendly. Visitors will have to expect lower quality accommodations but will be rewarded with their patience by not having their bank accounts ruptured by the end of their stay. Kiritimati (Christmas Island) is the most developed island in Kiribati, and also has the world’s largest coral atoll, a huge tourist draw. Ultimately Kiribati has probably the most “local” vibe in the region due to its significant lesser development so if you want a real taste of island life, this is the area for you.

There you have three island chains in Polynesia for different budgets and tastes. With so much land to cover and so many islands to check out it’s easy to see why Polynesia conjures up images of dreamy getaways and luscious days spent on the sand amid turquoise waters.

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