9 Best (And Beautiful) US National Parks To Escape The Crowds

There are 61 national parks in the US. They are managed by the National Park Service in millions of protected areas of land.

The parks are designed for educational, inspirational and fun tours for both kids and adults.

These parks draw millions of tourists every year from different parts of the globe. Apart from the lovely wildlife, these parks are also located in natural striking terrains.

When visiting the US or whenever you want to have a unique travel experience, you can visit the nearest national park. You will be treated to natural wonders of a variety of wildlife, plants and amazing recreational features.

With summer around the corner, the national parks are going to get busier & crowded! Check out these best national parks in the USA to enjoy a peaceful summer

1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National park is one of the best national parks in the US with a rich history. It is one of the oldest and the world’s first national park. The park is located on a 2.2 million acre of land. Therefore, it boasts of its unique attractions, beautiful terrains, diverse geography, and nearby lakes.

The buffalo filled valleys and the high mountains allow you to get lost in the parks splendor. There are also hot springs and exciting geysers at the Yellowstone national park.

2. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is an impressive and one of the most visited national parks in California. Some of the features that stand out at the park include Bridal veil fall, Vernal Fall, beautiful rock formations including El Capitan and Half Dome.

The unique panoramic views are eye-catching. The beauty of the park is further enhanced by the Tunnel View Outlook at the Yosemite Valley.

3. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is defined by stunning mountains and cool waters. The park covers three mountain ranges and there are 700 lakes across the area.

While visiting the park, you can engage in an array of activities including hiking, mountain climbing and hit the Iceberg Lake Trail and the Trail of the Cedars. There are also other scenic sites within the park that you can visit.

They include the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park and Apgar Nature Center.

4. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful national parks with amazing natural features. If you love photography, this is a park to visit.

It is magnificent, boasts of its panoramic views and the UNESCO World Heritage Site the 18-by-277 mile that is perfect for hiking. At the park, you can choose to raft at the Colorado River or simply enjoy sightseeing at the Havasu Falls as the turquoise water stream.

5. Zion National Park

Are you a thrill seeker? Do you love hiking through thin sections? If yes Zion National Park is the park to visit. Utah Park is a paradise for its visitors.

It has more than 1400 natural foot staircases. Apart from hiking at the Hike Angel’s Landing, you can trek through thinner sections of the 10-mile hike at The Narrows.

When visiting the park with kids and you want a less strenuous adventure, you can traverse its scenic drive in your car. There are top and famous landmarks to keep you entertained during your drive.

6. Grand Teton National Park

The Grand Teton National park is a wonderland that begs to be explored. The park was once home to farmers, ranchers, and fur trappers.

The stunning park has amazing 200 trails across its lakes and prairies. The park is also one of a kind thanks to its remarkable snow-capped, jagged peaks at the Grand Teton Mountain. It boasts of its great topography.

7. The Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

Looking for one of the prettiest national parks? Visit the Hawai’i Volcanoes, National Park. It is attractive and you can always get up close and candid with the world’s most active volcanoes, the Kilauea and Mauna Loa.

Kilauea Volcanoes erupts often and you can enjoy amazing views from different locations within the park. From the Chain of the Craters Road, you can take a picture of Kilauea Volcanoes as it erupts.

If you love to drive, you can enjoy expansive and scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. You can make a stop at the Kealakomo village to learn a thing or two about the park and its neighborhood.

8. The Arches National Park

The Arches national park is not only one of the best US national parks, but also one of the oldest. It was established in 1929 and today, it has been advanced to include the 52 foot delicate and beautiful arch.

Over the years, the park has continued to attract more visitors and has grown to cover about 77, 000 acres of land in eastern Utah.

Every view at the Arches national park is riddled by the unique sandstone monuments.

What’s more, the attractive natural formations make the park a more exciting place to visit for hiking, rock climbing, and backpacking during summer. If photography is your passion, this is the place that will give you beautiful memories.

9. The Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountain is exciting. It is convenient to visit. Located 70 miles north of Denver, the park welcomes thousands of visitors every year.

The park is ideal for summer day trips with family and friends. To fully explore the beauty of this park, you can plan a one week vacation or even more.

The Rockies boast of its magnificent landscapes, 150 lakes, scenic trails covering 355miless, 77 mountains that are more than 12000 feet and other exciting features.

If you love trekking, the Rockies Emerald Lake Trail is the place for you. It offers spectacular and memorable alpine views. It is one of the top national parks in the US that offer amazing recreational activities for all.

You can also find out more here about unique adventures for your next trip.

US National Parks Travel Tips

From Yellowstone to the Rockies, you now know where to visit. However, you need to choose the best season, have a good guide, be open to adventure and make a tradeoff to make the most of your trip. Plan early, have a tailored approach and settle for an exciting national park in the US experience.

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