Adventure Traveling in the USA: 5 Hunting Trips to Remember

If you’re into hunting and traveling, why not combine these two into a sweet mix of adventure traveling in the USA? You’ll get to see new places, learn new skills and shoot different game. But if you don’t exactly know where to go, we’re here with our top 5 ideas for memorable hunting trips, so read on.

1. Colorado

There are lots of forests in Colorado, so you’ll find plenty of coyotes here too. We love Colorado for the low temperatures and more mountainous landscape, but that means the coyotes you will find are particularly wild and generally don’t have a lot to eat. However, you’ll need a good coyote caller because otherwise, they won’t really be heading your way.

Another advantage when you go hunting in Colorado is that you don’t need a lot of permissions, so there’s not so much bureaucracy to hold you back. Besides, this state isn’t just renowned for its coyote hunting. You can also find plenty of big and small game, as well as wild turkey and waterfowl.

The Eastern part of this state provides a good shelter to the prized Mule deer. The vast majority of the plains here are owned by private ranchers, so you can go hunting safely on hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland which burst with deer. So bring out your best red dot sight for AR-15, you’ll want to take the most precise shots to make every point needed for that landowner voucher count.

2. Kansas

If you’re after whitetail, then you need to go to the best places where that game roams. And Kansas is amongst the winners in that department because you have huge chances of actually going home with a deer. And don’t forget all those Boone & Crockett mentions.

Unfortunately, even if Kansas has huge bucks, there aren’t too many public hunting areas. But the ones you do find open, especially on private land, are absolutely magnificent, so you’ll literally have a bang for your buck. Besides, the Wind City has extremely beautiful landscapes and amazing sunflower fields.

A trip here will also prove the best decision if you love varmint hunting since there’s nothing quite like Kansas when it comes to coyote hunting. Because the fur market has seen its end a few decades ago, the professional hunters aren’t after coyotes anymore, so you’ll find tons of those yourself. With the

3. Wyoming

If you’re looking for really extraordinary hunting spots, Wyoming should definitely be on your bucket list thanks to its large variety of game you can find. From horned animals like pronghorn antelopes, moose, whitetail and mule deer, to predators like black bears, coyotes, and cougars, to waterfowl and upland birds, there’s nothing you can’t find in the approximately 100,000 square miles of hunting ground.

But the best thing is that you’ll find different landscapes and varied terrain, which means that every hunting trip will be a new challenge. You can try brush hunting in a forest, bowhunting from a mountainous ridge, long-distance rifle hunting on a plateau or a prairie, and short-distance hunting in one of the many lush grasslands. Besides, the weather is very welcoming, so that’s another strong point.

But if all of that seems a bit overwhelming for you, there are plenty of guides with a lot of experience that can escort you on the hunting trip of your dreams. You can benefit from their knowledge of the game and the terrain, so you can enjoy the pristine wilderness and shoot all the animals you’re after.

4. Montana

There are plenty of public and private places to hunt in Montana, and you’ll find plenty of targets here too, including the whitetail and mule deer, elks, mountain lion, moose, goats and black bears. You can also try your hand at different types of hunting styles, either bow hunting, rifle shooting or using a combination of weapons.

You will need hunting permits, though, but that will grant you access to areas like you’ve never imagined. The forests are amazing, they offer plenty of opportunity for brush hunting big game and predatory animals that are usually very hard to find elsewhere. But the truth is there’s no guarantee you’ll actually catch such a game, so you need to have amazing skills. However, the challenge is what makes the victory even sweeter.

Besides, think of the Flathead National Forest and all it has to offer. The valley is where most hunters remain, but the real deal is upwards in the wilderness that can only be reached by hiking or horse riding. For instance, you can go searching for elk even if the rugged terrain might mess with your chances. But catching that prized elk bull here will make you a hero.

The mule deer are easier to hunt, though, but you’ll still have to do some hiking first. It’s also a favorite spot of the tough whitetails, with a huge variety of them roaming the forests of Montana. These are also the easiest game. Or you can try dog hunting a mountain lion, that should be lots of fun.

5. Nebraska

There is some cool game you can go after in Nebraska too. The pronghorn is one of those, with its swift gait and quick trot that makes it not just fast, but also really robust, so that it can withstand the prairies and the badlands of Nebraska.

You’ll have lots of fun going after pronghorns here, even if they’re also a challenge, and you’ll need to have some prior shooting experience because they’re definitely not a beginner’s game. And don’t forget that AR scope, you’re going to need it here too for that long-range perfect shot.

The bighorn sheep are also all over Nebraska, mainly found in the hills and river banks. These are rare animals, that can only be hunted with a permit won at an auction or at a lottery, though. Otherwise, you can try going after the regular game, like elk, deer, varmints, wild turkey, waterfowl and mountain lions.

So where will you go? Don’t be shy and leave a comment below!

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