How to Save Some Money on Your Family Trip to Orlando

A family trip to Orlando is something which none of you are ever going to forget and it is one which will make the kids incredibly happy. With this being said there is one aspect of a vacation like this which you just cannot escape and that is the fact that it can be awfully expensive. There is no point in giving yourself additional stress for months after the vacation as you try to pay off the credit card debt which you may have racked up, and the last thing that you want is to be stressed during your time there. To combat this you need to find ways of saving some cash, and here are some tips on doing just that when you go to Orlando.

Theme Park Tickets

Naturally one of the biggest attractions in Orlando is the range of theme parks which you will find here, and you can guarantee that your kids are going to want to go to all of them, adults too probably. This can often come at a big expense so it is helpful to try and find ways in which you can bring down the cost of going to these theme parks. One of the best ways to save on theme park tickets is to buy online before you go as there are many websites which can offer you sizable discounts on these tickets. For example you can find great deals on SeaWorld tickets online, bringing down the cost of your trip.


There is a wide range of accommodation options in Orlando which can suit every traveler no matter what they are looking to spend. Don’t be put off by some hotels which have higher prices as there are many which throw in great benefits which can save you money in the long term. For example if you stay in the Disney hotel you are going to be paying more per night than in other hotels, but you can often combine this with free park tickets including early entry and a late stay at the park. Weigh up options for accommodation which combine additional offers so that you can save money.


As you can well imagine there is a lot of competition between restaurants in Orlando, especially during peak season as they all look to attract people through their doors. In order to do this many restaurants invest in promotional marketing and will offer great discounts and deals by way of coupons. Head to a website such as Groupon once you arrive in Orlando and you will see that there are many offers there which can save you some big money when you go out to eat. These deals are not exclusive to smaller restaurants either, there are some big restaurants here which have to offer deals in order to get people in, and you can use that to save some cash on your trip.

There are many ways to save, be sure that you plan and look in the right places to do it.

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