The Best States for a Winter Deer Hunting Vacation

Winter deer hunting is one of the best ways to spend your winter vacation. The trip itself is always exciting and the thrill of chasing big trophies is unmistakably addictive. Winter deer hunting has gotten a lot more affordable in recent years too, making the hobby accessible to more hunters and fans.

There are several great hunting grounds to visit if you want to enjoy a thrilling deer hunting vacation. We are going to take a look at the best states to visit in this article.


Ohio wasn’t always a popular destination for hunting trips, but it is now one of the most visited states during the winter deer hunting season. Hunting in Ohio requires a bit of research, but the extra effort will be worth it when you collect that big buck as a trophy from the trip.

You want to pick a hunting ground that isn’t overly crowded. It is best to go early in the hunting season and spend time learning about the feeding and travel patterns. Bucks usually feed at night and spend most of the day traveling, so there are plenty of opportunities to hunt.


Similar to Ohio, Kentucky was also known as a sleeper state for several years before it became a hot hunting destination again. You will find some of the biggest whitetails, but you have to be patient in order to score a big trophy in this area.

You want a nice rifle with manageable recoil and a good scope when hunting whitetails. Some of the options available at are definitely worth checking out. With an accurate scope mounted on your rifle, you can spot your target more easily during the day.


Kansas is one of those hunting spots that you just have to try to appreciate. Also known as the Land of Oz, Kansas is filled with big bucks and plenty of stunning camping and hunting grounds. Spend a few days with friends just exploring the beautiful landscape.

It is worth noting that Kansas is a bit more expensive than other states if you are a non-resident. That said, the hunting experience you can get here is truly unrivaled. It takes a lot of patience and planning to score the buck of your lifetime, but all of those efforts are definitely worth the reward.


We really can’t talk about top states for a winter deer hunting vacation without talking about Iowa. Iowa is very similar to Kansas, but it offers challenging hunts and plenty of deer to hunt; some say there is a big buck behind every tree, and they are not too far wrong.

Similar to Kansas, Iowa is also a bit on the pricey side. However, it is one of the best hunting grounds for beginners and experienced hunters alike. You can’t claim you love deer hunting if you haven’t bagged a trophy from this state.

So, which of these states will you visit next? Do you have your own favorite hunting grounds you’d like to share? Be sure to tell your hunting stories and more about your favorite spots in the Comments section below.

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