The Top 5 BEST Places To Visit In Mexico

Mexico offers some of the most beautiful vacation spots there is, so why not check it out? Here are the top 5 safest and best places to visit in Mexico!

Our neighbors to the south get a bad rap. On the news, you hear of all sorts of craziness. This may make you want to rethink a Mexican getaway, but don’t let it!

There are plenty of stunning places to visit that are great for an Instagram shot and safe to explore. A great thing about Mexico is if you have rewards money from a program like Villa World, it really adds up and goes a long way.

An added bonus: some of the best places to visit in Mexico may be lesser known, which means fewer people.

Check out the 5 safest cities in Mexico!


Brightly colored, well-preserved buildings are part of the attraction in this city. There is plenty of unique shopping as well as delicious food to try.

This is probably a destination geared more toward adults who enjoy a great nightlife but can be fun for all ages.

Merida is about 22 miles inland so if you’re set on a beach, you may want to make this a day trip.


Huatulco is actually a resort development, but there are several coffee plantations still operating in this area. A favorite plantation to tour is Finca La Gloria, which is an organic coffee farm.

This area is also home to nine bays. This means there is diving, kayaking, and other water sports available!

Oaxaca City

Listen up, foodies! This city has become internationally known for its mole. Actually, seven moles.

What is a mole? It’s a sauce made from roasted ingredients, simmered, and then ground down.

It’s served over any and everything which should help you eat like a local.

Oaxaxa City is also known for its mezcal, which is family to tequila. Just don’t get too crazy with it!


Tulum is where Mayan ruin history buffs, yogis, and beach bums can come together in harmony.

The beaches here are beautiful and offer private, secluded cabanas to get away from the peering eye. If you find yourself catching too much sun, head into town for a relaxing yoga class.

And of course, you can spend a day exploring Mayan ruins.

Todos Santos

Todos Santos is Spanish for “all saints.” This town is not far from Baja, California and is only about an hour and a half from Cabo.

Very much an artsy area, this city is home to several festivals of food, film, and literature. It is probably most famous for the Todos Santos Music Festival, created by REM guitarist Peter Buck.

Don’t let all the artistry fool you into thinking this is just a hippie town. This city also offers amazing beaches that are noted for their surfing.

A Summary of the Best Places to Visit in Mexico:

If you notice, places like Cancun, Cozumel, and Cabo have been left off of this list. It’s not to say these places are incredibly dangerous.

It is to make you aware that not only are there safe places in Mexico, there are other vacation spots off the beaten path.

There is nothing at all wrong with going to a resort in a well-known city. And if that’s what you’re comfortable with, absolutely go and enjoy it!

But if you’d like to get outside your comfort zone and do a bit more exploring while remaining safe, these are some great options. Also, if you’d like some pointers on travel in general, feel free to contact me!

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