Versatility In Smartphones

Smartphones are nifty little devices optimized for daily life, as we now know it. We often use these little gadgets for average features including calling, listening to music, texting, social media communication and occasionally they even light our way when we loose something to the car floor in the dead of night.

Even though these features are the standard assortment of tools that we demand from our smartphone, we often tend to forget just how versatile smart phones can be. There are a ton of technological apps and embedded features within our mobile devices that go beyond the normal reach of an ordinary smartphone.

If you’ve ever wondered just how smart your mobile device is; keep reading for a host of features that will turn the LCD in the palm of your hand into a multi-tool, ready to tackle the world around you.

Perfect Pitch Tuning 

Anyone who plays guitar will know that the most important aspect of learning to play or playing at a decent level; understands that the guitar needs to be perfectly tuned to strike the right chords.

Your smart phone has a built in microphone and is able to pick up sounds with direct ease. You can tune your guitar using your smartphone and an app from your dedicated App Store. Simply download the app, optimize it for guitar and get jamming with your phone in little to no time at all.

Change The Channel 

Smartphones are equipped with infrared ports that literally behave like the port in your television’s remote. The phone just needs to adapt the port to act like a remote. With this in mind then; it’s more than possible to use your smartphone as a remote to control your television set.

Some televisions that operate on Android tend to have better control if your phone is also an Android device. Users who have IOS or Android devices can try Peel Smart Remote to control the box in the living room or bedroom.

Scan And Go

Ever asked to send a scan of your identification document in for processing? It’s 9:30 am and it’s needed by 10:00 am; out of luck with no scanner in sight, you panic and have completely forgotten about the pocket scanner that you hold in the palm of your hand.

Your smart phone’s camera acts like a pocket scanner. The camera lens can photograph documents and use apps and or programs to turn these documents into pdf’s for emailing.

IOS users can make use of Evernote Scannable while Android users have Google Drive App, which has built in scanning features.

Cut Chords To Your PC 

If you have a faulty keyboard or you simply have no keyboard or mouse on a standard desktop or laptop setup then simply use your smartphone for the ultimate wireless keyboard and mouse.

Simply download an app and get typing on your phone in no time at all. It’s not just typing and scrolling that you’ll be doing either there are apps available that allow you to access your phone’s microphone and link it up with your PC. A nifty feature that comes in handy when calling through something like Skype.

Seeing Inside

There are some really nifty add on gadgets available for smart phones that turn your pocket rocket into unique tech, and mobile craps apps that will turn your phone into a mobile casino. There are gadgets for smart phones that will literally turn your smartphone into a microscope.

Simply stock on these powerful lenses for macro and micro shots and see inside of things with your smart phone. They make for unique smart photographs and can be used for your kid’s science projects too.

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