What You Need To Know Before Moving To San Jose

San Jose, California is located in the middle of the thriving tech industry. Throughout the years, the city has been known as the Capital of Silicon Valley. The weather in San Jose is beautiful! It gives you a Mediterranean feel. It is an overall beautiful place to live in.

What is the weather like in San Jose?

Like most of the Bay area, the climate in San Jose is hot. The summers are usually dry. The high-temperature averages around 85 degrees and the low-temperature averages 59 degrees in the summer. There is light rainfall in San Jose. You can expect to experience at least 300 sunny days per year.

Job Market

Data has shown that San Jose has the highest work satisfaction rate. People in San Jose love their jobs. This says a lot about the job market. Well, known companies are headquartered in San Jose. Google and Adobe are among a few of the most popular. There are a variety of job opportunities in the area. The rates of pay in San Jose are competitive and higher than the national average.

Cost of Living

There’s a reason the pay rates are great in San Jose, the cost of living is high. The average home value in San Jose is over a million dollars. You can expect to pay at least $2,500 to rent in San Jose. On the upside, San Jose is one of the topmost expansive cities. It is constantly growing and adding more opportunities to the area. If you are moving to San Jose from a different city, you should factor in the financial price of living in this area. You should also consider moving costs. Suddath San Jose moving company is a great resource to use to help you with your move.

Culture & Events

During the summers in San Jose, there are cinema festivals. They are greatly attended and enjoyed by both local and visiting people. San Jose has a number of events and festivals that are hosted annually. A popular event in San Jose is the jazz on the plaza music event. Excellent musicians showcase their talent during this event, it is a great family event. San Jose has many beautiful parks to visit. The scenery is relaxing. If you have younger children, there are art camps and museums that will keep them busy and entertained.

What about the traffic problem?

Unfortunately, in large cities, traffic is always a topic of discussion. San Jose is no different. Traffic is a common issue in the city of San Jose. It is recommended that you always factor in traffic when planning your commute. Even if it is a short commute.

Things to do in San Jose

Downtown San Jose – culture, entertainment, dining, and nightlife can all be found in downtown San Jose.

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum – This complex takes up a full block in San Jose. The Egyptian museum is a sight to see, it is modeled after ancient Egyptian architecture. More than 100,000 people visit this museum annually.

Silicon Valley – The Tech Interactive is in Silicon Valley. It offers hands-on interactive activities. The robots, virtual reality and other high tech options are fun to explore.

Children’s Discovery Museum – children 10 and under will love the Discovery Museum. The programs and exhibits at this museum help kids learn through inquiry. They can dig for mammoth fossils, solve engineering puzzles, and make gigantic bubbles. It is a museum full of fun.

California’s Great America – This amusement park is a mixture of rollercoasters, slides, fun rides, and pools. The whole family can have fun. There are 9 roller coasters at this amusement park.

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