5 Creative Ways to Save on Your Trips

One of the reasons why more people travel nowadays is the fact that traveling has become very affordable. Flights, hotels, holiday rentals, and tours are now available at great prices, plus there are a lot of deals and special offers to utilize. Today’s best travel websites and apps really revolutionize how you can save on your trips.

Aside from relying on the right coupon codes and booking early to get the best rates, there are a wealth of other ways you can make your trips immensely affordable. In this article, however, we are going to focus more on the 5 creative ways you can save on your trips.

Join a Community

Travelers are forming online communities and most of them exchange information on deals and special offers on a regular basis. You can join a Facebook group or online communities on other platforms to gain access to those special offers.

To take advantage of the deals even more, set up an alert or check back for updates regularly. You’ll be surprised by the secret discounts and exclusive offers you can get when you are part of a bigger travel community.

Use Secret Hotels

If you want to save on accommodation, opting for secret hotel deals is definitely a must-try. Top sites such as SecretHotels.org are now offering special deals that you will not be able to find elsewhere. There is only one catch: you do not know the exact hotel until after you make a reservation (hence the “secret” bit).

Secret hotel deals can be up to 80% more affordable than the published rate. You still have plenty of information about location, amenities, and other details about the secret hotel you’re booking. The hotels being offered are also curated to ensure a pleasant travel experience.

Be Clever About Transportation

You don’t have to rely on flying to get to your destination. There are times when traveling by other means lets you save a lot on transportation. The same can be said for renting a motorcycle instead of taking taxis while you’re in the destination city.

Free Stopovers

Many airlines don’t charge extra for layovers. Here’s an interesting secret: you can have an extended stopover and still not have to worry about extra charges. Choose the stopover city carefully, pick your flights to take advantage of the extended stopover, and you can spend a few extra days in the layover city while saving money on your flight.

Go Against the Stream

If you’ve been traveling frequently, you know that certain times of the year are best. You can save even more by traveling during what the industry calls shoulder periods. The couple of weeks after New Year and right after Spring Break are examples of shoulder periods.

Traveling during these periods lets you save a lot, simply because it is very-low-season for hotels and airlines. Watch out for online deals during these periods and lower your travel expenses by a substantial amount.

These are 5 creative ways you can save on your trips. Be sure to check back for updates here on Adventures of Chester; I’ll post more tips and tricks soon!

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