5 Out-Of-The-Box Ideas for Your San Diego Vacation

San Diego is well-known for its miles of white sand beaches. Visitors folk to this southern California city to enjoy the sand, surf and many days of warm weather with plenty of sun. While going to the beach might be on your to-do list while you are in San Diego, there are plenty of other things to do that aren’t so well-known. Let’s look at five out-of-the-box ideas for when you are visiting San Diego on your vacation.

What You Should Pack When Visiting San Diego

Before heading out on vacation, making sure you have the essentials packed is important. Failing to pack what you need for your trip could mean hours of wild goose chases trying to find what you need. If you’re visiting San Diego, there are some things that you shouldn’t leave at home.

  • Clothes with Thing Fabrics
  • Your Favorite Swimwear Attire
  • A Hat or Bandana
  • Summer Shoes

Once you land, you can grab a few other essentials like sunscreen to make sure you have everything that you need to go on these adventures.

1) See the Seals in La Jolla

If you visit La Jolla during pupping season, be prepared to keep your distance. A state appeals court has just deemed it legal to keep humans away from the beach during this season (Dec 15 – May 15), so seals can take care of their pups in peace. The good news is that even if it is pupping season, you can still see the seals and you don’t want to get too close to a mother seal even if you were allowed to.

Before visiting make sure you have your trip planned out. Visitors love seeing Seal Rock which you can see when you go to the Cove. You’ll usually see them on the rock closer to sundown so you’ll need to plan your visit accordingly.

2) Visit Little Italy

Little Italy started out as a fishing village that housed Italian immigrants. Since its beginning in the 1920s, Little Italy has grown and become a stable business area in San Diego. Many people put Little Italy on their to-visit list when they come to San Diego. Proudly touting that they have the best Italian food, many restaurants draw visitors in for some of the finest Italian cuisines they’ll ever taste.

Hidden on the walkways are age-old Italian sayings and recipes so make sure to keep a look out when you’re walking to see what you can learn while you are in Little Italy. Little Italy in San Diego is one of the only little Italy locations in America that is maintaining its size. The business owners are very proud of what they have created there and continue to work on their businesses to keep them thriving for many years to come.

3) Take in the Night Life

If you love to have fun with your friends, then you need to take in the nightlife of San Diego. Head out to a San Diego nightclub and see what kind of fun you can create. Whether you’re there to meet people, enjoy drink specials or enjoy dancing with your friends, San Diego nightlife won’t disappoint you.

For night owls, San Diego is a great place to visit. When night time hits, the nightclubs open and the fun is just getting started. If you want to see celebrity DJs, amazing lights and great music then you need to wrap up a day on the beach by visiting a club that will allow you to experience all of those things.

4) Visit the Farmer’s Market

There is nothing like the taste of fresh food, and you can definitely experience fresh food when you buy from San Diego farmers markets. These markets are open year round so you can get in-season food as fresh as possible.

If you make friends with the farmers you can find out when they are bringing in their harvest so you can be the first to pounce when it is available. Whether you want berries or vegetables, there is something for everyone. Cooking up a dish in your vacation home while in San Diego is quite the experience to tell your friends so grab your favorite farmer’s market food and cook up a storm.

5) See the Self-Realization Fellowship Gardens

The Self-Realization Fellowship Gardens are free to visit but don’t think that means that they aren’t amazing. Make sure to put this location on your to-visit list with its view of the ocean, beautiful plants and koi ponds. Whether you want to go there to meditate or if you just want to see the beautiful area, you are welcome to visit and enjoy its beauty.

If you want to take some extra time, you can go to an event here and learn more about their beliefs. You can even learn the practice of meditation if you look at the schedule and make arrangements.


San Diego is a very interesting place to vacation. There is something for every type of person here no matter what you enjoy doing or what you are interested in learning about. Whether the weekend is for pure fun or if you simply want to take in a few sights while you are here on business, San Diego will welcome you and allow you to do just that. Visit San Diego and try one of the out-of-the-box ideas today.

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