5 Unforgettable Places to Visit in Georgia (Europe)

The Republic of Georgia’s capital city, Tiblisi, may be on top of the best places to visit in Georgia, but don’t stop there because there are plenty of unforgettable things to see in this little-known gem of a country in Eastern Europe.

Sitting at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Georgia stretches from the Caucasus mountains to the Black Sea with forests and semi-desert in between. It’s also full of history, culture, art, delicious cuisine, and unique architecture from kingdoms of long ago, the Soviet era, and now.

And if you’re into outdoor adventure and travel, Georgia will amaze you with its stunning beauty.

You might have a hard time choosing, but we recommend getting a good taste of everything. You may have to come back again and go deeper next time.

Here are five of the best places to visit in Georgia. Keep reading to see what entices you, and then start planning your itinerary with your favorites.

1. Tiblisi

Tiblisi is a true blend of East meets West but with a flavor all its own that is authentic Georgian. There is a lot going on in the electric, colorful city, and we definitely recommend getting a local guide to point you in the right direction and get you started with one or more basic tours. You can check out this page for tours and guides that we love.

Be sure you stroll the streets of the old town and get something to nosh on from one of the underground bakeries. You might want to relax in Abanotubani’s domed baths in Turkish style.

There’s a thriving art, food, and electronic music scene. Or you can take a walk down Betlemi Street in the Jewish quarter or eat at a Soviet-era tavern.

2. Kakheti Wine Country

Georgia is a pioneer in viniculture and this is where it all happens. Stay in Sighnaghi, a historic and charming town surrounded by stone walls with watchtowers. Do day trips to Gremi and Nekresi monasteries.

3. Stepantsminda aka Kazbegi

We love the gorgeous, dramatic Georgian Caucasus mountains and staying in the tiny town of Kazbegi gives you the ultimate view. Hike up to Gergeti Trinity Church by crossing Alpine meadows. Bask in the snow-capped peaks.

Or hike further in to discover glaciers that run along the border of Russia. Then come back and relax in town at the Soviet-era spa.

4. Batumi on the Black Sea

This resort town gives you a taste of another side of Georgia that’s full of whimsy and humor. You can sunbathe or gamble. Or you can enjoy the wacky architecture, like the Alphabet Tower.

There are also more traditional wonders, like the gorgeous Orta Jame mosque. Don’t miss the great food scene and markets. And if you’re feeling energetic, you can rent a bike and ride to the Turkish border.

5. Svaneti

This is the spot that will take your breath away and take you on an unexpected and unique cultural journey. It’s the home of the Svans and sits in the valleys with stone towers jutting about. Enjoy the city center with the museum and unique flavor or hike up to one of the highest villages in Europe, Ushguli.

Plan Your Trip to These Favorite Places to Visit in Georgia

Now that you have a taste for some of the best places to visit in Georgia, it’s time to plan your trip. If you have limited time, put them in order of your favorites based on what pops out at you. Or do some more research if you’re not sure. And then do as many as you can!

We always love to go with a local tour for the first time in a new place. Then you can expand from there. And when you’re done planning your Georgia adventure, be sure to check out our blog for more fabulous places to see in this wide wonderful world we live in.

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