7 essential travel rules for Manchester flyers

Manchester is one of the UK’s busiest airports – more than 28 million passengers pass through its terminals each year in order to explore the world and all its wonders.

But just how many of these millions of these people really know what they’re doing when they fly off on their holidays? How many are making the most of their time away?

To find out if you’re doing travel the right way, check out these seven essentials rules guaranteed to improve your global adventures.

1. Try new things

You don’t fly across the globe to eat McDonalds, go to the cinema and hit up the shops. Instead, travelling abroad is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in all things new by trying out activities that aren’t readily available back in Manchester, sampling local dishes and learning the native language. In doing so, your travel experience will be much more authentic, immersive and fulfilling.

2. Have fun

Having fun might seem like obvious advice, but it’s one that some people forget amongst the stresses and chaos. Don’t let that be you – find the fun in every unexpectedly fascinating detail of your trip and the exciting opportunities that present themselves by chance as well as by design.

3. Get some travel apps

Investing in a few apps does not make you an inauthentic traveller, it makes you efficient. Travel apps provide quick and effective assistance so that the majority of time is spent having fun, rather than stressing over public transport, packing or other testing travel obstacles.  This travel apps article on Wired reviews some of the best available.

4. Don’t be a tourist

Visiting the typical tourist spots that everyone’s been to is boring and, more often than not, expensive. Your travel experience will be far more unique and exciting if you visit lesser known places, venture off the beaten path and stroll down the stairway to unusual and unexpected.

5. Interact with locals

Interacting with local people is a great way to learn useful information that can inform your travel plans. For example, they can suggest the coolest spots to visit, which will help you follow rule number four. Plus, it gives you to opportunity to make new friends and build up a global network of travel pals, which is super handy.

6. Drive to the airport

Picture the scene: you’re crammed within a crowd of passengers on train that arrived late and is moving so slowly that you might miss your flight. Driving to the airport allows you to avoid this stress, choose your own route and cruise in comfort while listening to your holiday playlist.

7. Pre-book your airport parking

We know what you’re thinking: airport parking prices are far too expensive for you to consider driving. But think again, because if you pre-book Manchester airport parking on Looking4.com you’ll find fantastic discounts that leave you with more cash to spend on your trip.

So there you have it, the seven essential rules of travel – follow these and you’ll enjoy truly epic adventures.

That’s our list! Share your own Manchester travel tips in the comments section.

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