8 Relaxing Vacation Destinations to Consider

Everyone’s idea of relaxation is different. While some find the sound of rain relaxing, others may feel reading a book does the trick for them. Whatever the case, finding time to relax is a must if you don’t want to end up sick or compromising your wellbeing. For the workaholics out there, sometimes, it takes completely withdrawing yourself from your environs before you can actually relax as you should. For this reason, perhaps work towards going on a vacation. This way, you can shut off from the stressors in your daily life and you’ll be forced to do something different. Here are 8 relaxing vacation destinations that you can consider.

1.) Seven Sisters, England

One of the most relaxing places that you can go to is Seven Sisters which is located in East Sussex Coast, England. At this destination, you’re going to find rolling hills and astonishing views from near the seaside. This is one of the most peaceful places that you can go to whether you want to have coffee or go for a long walk and take in scenic views.

If you’re up for going a little further out, you can visit Seaford beach or Cupani garden. Don’t forget to shut down from work, avoid emails and take time to clear your head.

2.) The Yoga Barn, Bali

Bali is known for being both magical and enchanted, and so far, it has seemingly lived up to its expectation. These are characteristics of somewhere that could offer you the peace and quiet that you need on a relaxing vacation. If you enjoy yoga especially, the Yoga Barn in Bali is perfect as you can enjoy studios that overlook the countryside. There are up to 15 classes a day you can partake in which is perfect if yoga makes you feel the most relaxed.

Expect to take in paddy fields, shrines, and distant peaks if you choose to go to this spot.

3.) Lucala, Fiji

For some people, keeping active and engaging in sports helps them feel relaxed. If you enjoy golf, then go to Lucala in Fiji as they have a breathtaking resort you may enjoy. There’s an 18-hole course, and while playing, you can take in volcanic mountains and picturesque views of the South Pacific. Don’t forget to bring along some of the best golf irons that you can find so that you can enhance your game.

In case you decide that you want to do something but play golf or lay around, there are land and water activities that you can play off the course. Also, expect fine dining and good food which is also important if you want to relax on your vacation.

4.) Bay of Islands, New Zealand

New Zealand is a country in the Southwestern Pacific ocean and can make for a perfect vacation if you want to de-stress. It is a good destination for both relaxing and water sports such as sailing and diving. Bottlenose dolphins and wild orcas can be regularly spotted by people or sailing in warmer areas. For those who love nature, you may find these things soothing for the mind and soul.

5.) Nayara Springs, Costa Rica

Luxury for some is the first thing that comes to mind when they think about relaxing. If this describes you, then consider going to the Nayara Springs in stunning Costa Rica. There are a number of private luxury villas that you can unwind in. Inside of the villa, you can experience a plunge pool that’s heated by the hot springs nearby a covered deck and a mini bar.

If you want privacy and to feel as though you’re on an island alone, then this is ideal. This spot in Costa Rica can also be romantic, so if you want to go with a significant other, explore that option too. In terms of activities, you can treat yourself to a massage, walk on hanging bridges, or visit a waterfall.

6.) Zermatt, Switzerland

Marshmallows in front of a fireplace or hot chocolate can be a way to relax. Zermatt in Switzerland can offer this experience, so if you want something cooler, perhaps go to that destination. It’s a chance to get away from nature and see some of the most beautiful peaks of the mountains within that vicinity. The car-free alpine resort should give you a more laid-back feel as opposed to the common skiing and snow sports which that area is known for.

7.) Little Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Secluded islands filled with beach sand and sun can help you relax. Think about washing your feet in the warm waters of the beaches in Little Corn Islands, Nicaragua. This destination is filled with peaceful beaches characterized by white sands and clear waters. Your days can be spent tanning as well as reading a book or listening to some of your favorite songs. To keep you busy, you can walk the coast, explore the jungle, or go kayaking and enjoy the serenity of still waters.

8.) The Cyclades  

Greece is one of the most breath-taking places that you can go to because of its unique structures and iconic sunset. The Cyclades are made up of over 200 islands and many feature rugged coastlines as well as blue-domed churches.

Of all the islands, if you want one that’s more secluded, try islands like Sikinos, Kimolos, and Anafi. However, by going during the off-season you can find that even popular destinations like Santorini are less likely to be as busy.

A few activities that you can do in the Cyclades are visiting the ancient Delos which has a special place in Greek mythology or go to Doukato which is said to be one of the Cyclades best eating experiences. For the most part, it’s an alluring city that should have you coming home feeling refreshed.

Vacations are the perfect way to unwind and relax, so if you can afford the expense, try and do them as often as possible. See it as an investment in both your health and wellbeing.


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