8 Savvy Hotel Alternatives (Besides Airbnb) for a Comfy Stay

If you love to travel, you’ll know that one of the biggest costs is finding a place to stay.

Hotels can cost $100 to $200 a night or more. In some areas with a lot of tourist traffic, hotels might even rack up the price even higher.

But if you want to travel on a budget, hotels aren’t your only option. You can find comfortable hotel alternatives for $25, $50, or even for free–as long as you know where to look.

Here are eight hotel alternatives so that you can travel comfortably–without sacrificing your hard earned money.

1. Stay at a Hostel

If you’re young, adventurous, and looking for a cheap place to stay, a hostel might be a great option for you.

Commonly known as “youth hostels,” these can be the perfect hotel alternatives. You can either get a bed in a shared dorm or a basic private room for significantly less than a hotel. Some hostels will even offer a free stay if you do some work for them in exchange.

Hostels work best for a traveler or backpacker that doesn’t have every step of their path planned out.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all hostels are built the same–the furnishings are likely to be sparse and it might not be the most comfortable. Don’t pick a hostel if you’re looking for something very comfortable and private.

2. Rent an RV

If you’re a traveler who always likes to stay on the go, renting an RV might be a better option than a hotel.

Staying in an RV or van mean that your lodging goes with you–and it’s available whenever and wherever you need it.

Many vacation destination spaces have RV parks nearby where you can rent space. Sometimes, these parks also include laundry machines, playgrounds, running water, electricity, and WiFi. It’s also a great option if you’re camping or heading out into rural areas.

3. Find a Room

With the rise of social media, room rentals have become an ever-growing trend. A cross between a hotel and a homestay, renting out a room in somebody’s house, cottage, apartment, or studio can get you a place to stay for a low rate.

You can find a room for under $50 per night. Room hosts can make a little extra money while giving travelers a great deal.

It’s also nice to stay in a local area instead of the typical tourist traps. You can meet people, see how they live, and get some tips on the best places to visit.

4. Corporate Apartments

For stays that are longer than two weeks, you can get a beautifully furnished apartment in some of the best locations with corporate apartments.

If you’re traveling for business, temporary corporate housing is a cost-effective alternative to a hotel. You can save 20% to 50% of a typical hotel price. These apartments are also more spacious, comfortable, and they come fully equipped with kitchen and laundry essentials.

Looking for a fully furnished apartment but don’t want to spend too much money on a hotel? Check out eureka tower to get accommodations for your next business trip.

5. Arrange a Home Stay

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the lifestyle and culture of a new place than staying in somebody’s home.

This doesn’t mean just renting a room–you’ll be right in the middle of the action. You can make and eat dinner with the family, interact with them day to day, and learn their cultures and traditions. This gives you an up close and personal look at what life is like in an entirely new place.

If you love interacting with people and want to truly get a sense for the culture while you travel, a home stay might be the perfect option.

6. Get Back to Nature

Even if you’re traveling thousands of miles away from home, there’s nothing quite like sleeping under the stars.

With just a sleeping bag, mat, and tent, you can sleep anywhere at any time. This is best suited for outdoor spaces, but you can actually camp in suburbs or cities too. There are sites out there that advertise “garden camping,” in which you can rent a small space of land in somebody’s backyard to sleep for the night.

Just be sure that you’re camping either on public land or land that you have permission to be in. Trust your instincts and pick out safe places to spend the night.

7. House Sit for Someone

If you’re traveling locally or can find a listing online, a house sitting gig can get you a place to stay for free. Sometimes you can even get paid just to stay there.

Just by watching their house, getting the mail, watering the plants, and caring for their pets, you can stay in an entire apartment or house by yourself–for free.

In many cases, they’ll let you sleep in a bed, eat some of their food, and use their appliances. Sometimes they’ll even pay you to take care of their house.

This can be a great option if you have a bit of spare time, but be sure that you don’t abuse the home owner’s trust. Take good care of their place and leave it cleaner than when you came.

Best Hotel Alternatives for a Comfortable Stay

Traveling might be fun, but it isn’t always cheap. Instead of shelling out hundreds on a hotel stay, consider these hotel alternatives to save yourself a few bucks.

Even better, many of these options can provide you an experience like no other. Whether it’s learning a new language, living among the locals, or sleeping in somebody’s backyard, these hotel alternatives can give you more than just a cheaper travel experience.

Are you gearing up for your next big trip? Check out our blog to learn more about how to take your travel adventures to new heights.

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