8 steps to planning the perfect Bali wedding

Planning a wedding overseas is an excellent opportunity to experience something new, exciting and memorable. A Bali wedding venue is ideal with beautiful beaches, tropical weather, and lush green scenery. It’s well known for being a popular wedding destination all year round. Still, the best times to visit are typically between April and October, when temperatures remain warm, dry and pleasant.

With so many different things to think about, it can be helpful to know what you need to organise before you travel to spend more time simply enjoying your special day:

Decide on dates and location

While it’s possible to get married at any time of year in Bali, the busiest seasons tend to be mid-April until early July and around Christmas time, so it’s usually best to avoid these times if possible. Bali has several wedding venues, including restaurants, private villas and dedicated venues, which you can find online via local listings.

Plan your outfits

Comfort is essential when travelling in the heat, so planning your ceremony and reception outfit ahead of time is advisable. For women, this might mean choosing a lightweight dress that covers the shoulders, while men may wish to wear long pants and a collared shirt rather than their standard suit. Many Balinese ceremonies include flowers for guests, so wearing white or cream clothing can be respectful and practical for tropical climates.

Secure visas and documents

Visa information tends to vary depending on individual circumstances, so it’s best to check with the Indonesian embassy for current requirements. Having at least six months on your passport is advisable before travelling to Bali. You should also take note of any other documents that will be required, including proof of identification, proof of single status and blood type or medical records.

Check for compatibility issues

When preparing invitations, it’s essential to ensure they are compatible with overseas postal systems. As well as working out how far in advance you need to send them you also need to consider whether e-vites are acceptable or if guests will expect a printed version instead. You can include accommodation information with invitations if applicable but remember not everyone wishing to attend may have their transport, so making suggestions about rental car companies, taxi services etc., could help guests plan their travel.

Arrange for a translator

Although Balinese culture is generally tolerant and accommodating of foreign visitors, the spoken language is an integral part of local etiquette, so it’s advisable to hire a translator to help you prepare your speeches. It could be as simple as someone who accompanies you on the day or as comprehensive as someone who takes care of all aspects, including invitations, place cards, maps, etc.

Organise photography and videos

Professional photographers and videographers tend to be expensive. Still, there are plenty of opportunities for amateur photos at public locations and private photo booths to print copies for everyone to keep. These tend to be popular because they provide guests with a memorable memento from the event, which can be displayed as a reminder of the special occasion.

Request appropriate music and entertainment

Music at weddings can vary significantly from one country to another, so it’s advisable to check ahead and ensure your choice will be well received. There isn’t necessarily a typical Balinese sound, and you should also consider possible language barriers because not everyone may understand the lyrics or even recognise certain songs. It could be worth asking for recommendations online via forums or social media to advise what might work best.

Make travel arrangements early

If your wedding is in Bali, there are many services such as travel agents who can help organise flights, airport transfers, and accommodation either individually or as part of a package deal that makes things easier when you arrive. Even if you are planning to hire transport, it can be helpful to know what is involved before travelling so that there aren’t any surprises when you arrive.

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