Awesome adventures awaiting you in Bali

Bali is the ultimate destination for a fun-loving visitor. There are coastal beaches to relax on after a good swim. You can work on your tab, dive, or learn how to snorkel in spades. The scenery of waterfalls, abandoned airplanes to volcano hiking, and legion waves for surfing are some of the adventures you are bound to enjoy. All these and more are wonderful options you can choose from. Bali is renowned as a first-class world destination city for tourists. Numerous sites, review portals, and travel magazines provide quality reasons to make you want to visit the Island. If you are unsure of which activities may interest you, here is an outline of them.

Enjoy a sauna at Aling Aling Waterfalls

Are You fond of nature and the waterfalls? Aling Aling will cater for your passion. You will enjoy a day of electric fun by nature. In Bali’s far north, the Aling-Aling Waterfalls offer a daring web of slides and leaps. This is a must-do for adventurous travellers.

The area is no different to a water park. It is a place where you can jump off the cliffs and nearby waterfalls and slip down natural slides in the smaller Kraya waterfall.  You could also dive into the cool plunge swimming pools. There are hundreds of opportunities to get into the water and enjoy some adrenaline rush.

Bath the elephants in the mornings

You can have the pleasure of bathing Sumatran elephants in their lake. This is a lifetime experience involving washing and feeding of the elephants. Spend quality time with the elephants in Mason Elephant Park Lodge in Bali as you take part in giving them a memorable morning shower. It is an indelible experience of interacting with elephants as you cuddle and feed them in a distinctive environment.

This unique and synergetic adventure unveils a chance to ride on elephants. Enjoy playing and splashing in their water bath as you douche them. This can easily turn into a ritual that you will fall for. A mouth-watering breakfast is set up and consumed as you watch the elephants soaking and drying off. All these accompanied by an elephant education show. Eventually, get to enjoy a catchy episode of an elephant ride in the lush Taro Jungle.

Eat Indonesian Food and Cuddle Bunnies at Dandelion

Found in Canggu, the Warung Dandelion lets you experience the taste of Bali and Indonesian Cuisine. In a journey to exploring the Indonesian food style, the Dandelion is where the treasure lies hidden. Additionally, get an insight into the Indonesian culture with Balinese cordiality. Make sure to experience the rare chance of cuddling cute rabbits. They are reared in the restaurant’s garden.

Shopping at Kumbasari Art Market

This is the largest market in Bali, which works as the street market for numerous island goods. It is situated across the Badung River from the

Badung Market. The items sold are mostly a variety gotten from the various, art skilled communities like Ubud and others in the Central Highlands of Bali. There are also galleries by onsite painters. The diverse nature of the market makes it offer items of all kinds at bargaining and wholesale prices.

At daybreak, the Kumbasari shifts gears to a traditional market scene. It may seem disorderly, but it meets the needs of the people. This is a chance to learn about the artefacts and tools that characterize the Balinese life. At noontime, the art stalls open up taking over the show.

There are seemingly endless choices as there are goods of all kinds that describe different cultures in Bali. The locals’ source their goods here ranging from daily household necessities to religious items. By night, the food stalls open up and you can save some dollars by enjoying a local budget-friendly dinner.

Discover abandoned aeroplanes and eat inside them

Do airplanes fascinate you? Then the South Kuta Pandawa Beach and Keramas Aero Park is a place you would not want to miss. Someone left a Boeing 732 in a field in Southern Bal, and the South Kutwa Beach became a place for exploration. It is regarded as one of the strangest adventures to set out for in your journey to Bali.

Keramas Aero Park avails one of the most exquisite banquet experiences in Bali. The abandoned Boeing 747-400 is hosted in the park. The airplane was transformed into bohemian restaurants on the Island. Other abandoned airplanes to explore are the McDonnell Dc10 and Boeing 737-200 in West Bali.

Learn Mepantigan martial art in the mud

If you would love to lift your spirit, then the Mepantigan tradition is the adventure for you. Mepantigan, implying “to throw” is a Balinese martial art that revolves around playing with sludge, fire dance, drama, and tantalizing music. The partakers learn the proper approach for attacking, nailing down their opponents, and how to easily fall on the ground safely. This can translate to pure  fun at its peak as you walk through your childhood memories. The muddy rice fields that stretch out across the Ubud agricultural landscape are the place to venture as well.

Watch the Bali Arts Festival

The festival assembles the island’s cultural scenery. The annual cultural treat incorporates the day-to-day exhibitions; performances and line-up of other activities. These are the traditional ones: music, crafts, and dances. Locally famed as Pesta Kesenian Bali, the festival is the main event in Bali’s calendars.

Artists stream in from Denspar, Bali’s 8 provinces and the neighbouring islands. Fine art ensembles come in from abroad. It is an episode of experiencing the best works and talents. There are a colourful variety of performances from all over the Island and Indonesia. The event will give you a golden chance to experience Indonesia in 360 degrees.  This is a must-go event in Bali.

Conclusively, the tourists that stream into Bali are termed as repeaters. They keep going back. They have vowed to hop on a plane of Cathay Pacific to visit whenever they are on vacation. This is because Bali relaxes them totally while piling memorable moments. This inspires tourists to keep coming back for more adventure. Your holiday experience will never be the same again.

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