Best Bicycles for Long Commutes

Are you planning to get a bicycle that you can use to ride long distances? If so, it’s important to understand that not all bicycles are ideal for lengthy commutes. Some are made for speed while others are made for comfort. From womens hybrid bikes to e-bikes, here are some of the best bicycles for long commutes.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bicycles are a mix between a mountain bike and a road bike. The best hybrid bikes work well on both trails and roads. They’re great general-purpose bikes that can withstand a variety of riding applications and road conditions.

Hybrid bikes are a great choice for long commutes because they are designed to be very comfortable. They also deliver more speed than cruiser bikes, so it doesn’t take you forever to get where you want to go. Hybrids typically have a flat handlebar (similar to a mountain bike) instead of a drop bar that’s typical on road bikes. This configuration makes shifting a hybrid bike similar to shifting a mountain bike.

You can sit more upright on a hybrid bike than you can on a road bike, which means you won’t gain as much speed as a road bike, but you’ll be more comfortable. The tires on hybrid bikes are also wider and more voluminous, which delivers a more comfortable ride than road bikes with thin tires. Whether you’re looking for hybrid bikes for men or women, it’s important to try a few out so you can get the best possible fit. Some hybrids are more like mountain bikes while others are more like road bikes. Try out many different models until you find one that is most comfortable for your body.


E-Bikes are electric bicycles that use integrated electric motors for propulsion. An electric bicycle handles like a regular bicycle, but it can make long commutes much easier on your body. Most e-bikes can go up to 28 miles per hour while assisted. You may not be able to go the top speed on an e-bike, depending on government regulations in your area.

Electric bicycles offer different settings: pedal only, pedal assist and electric only. In the pedal only setting, the bike is powered entirely by the rider (just like a regular bike). In the pedal assist setting, the motor only activates when the pedals are in motion. This setting allows the rider to get a good workout while still getting assistance from their bike. In the electric only setting, the rider twists the throttle and the bike goes without assistance from the rider. This option drains the battery quickly, so it should only be used sparingly.

E-bikes are a great choice for long commutes because they can relieve some of the physical strain on riders. In the pedal assist setting, riders can get over hills and through rough terrain easier than if they were powering the bike entirely on their own.

Find the Right Bike for Your Needs

If you plan to commute long distances, you should consider whether womens hybrid bikes or e-bikes are best for your needs. Make sure you spend plenty of time on both types of bikes so you have an easier time making an informed choice.

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