Booking Your First Ski Vacation – Should You Bring Your Own Equipment or Rent Equipment at the Resort?

While many people focus on sun destinations for their vacations, there are others who prefer things a little cooler and with more activity built in. For those people, a ski vacation is usually right up their alley. It provides vacationers with a chance to enjoy the cool, crisp winter air, all while throwing adventure, sports, and fun into the mix.

If you have just booked, or you’re getting ready to book your first ski vacation then you may be wondering what the best game plan is as far as your ski equipment goes. Should you bring your own equipment with you or is it better to rent equipment from the ski resort? Here we will take a look at all the pros and cons of each to help you reach a decision.

Consider the Distance

One of the biggest factors to consider is how far you plan on traveling for your vacation. If the ski resort is within driving distance, then it’s usually not too big of a deal to pack your gear. However, you will need the proper storage racks on your car for your poles and skis. If you don’t have these already then it ends up being an added expense.

If, however, you need to fly or take a train to the ski resort, traveling with your equipment is not only cumbersome but it can cost extra money, and you risk having your equipment lost on-route. What this means is that you could end up having to rent it anyway.

Is Your Equipment High-Quality and Expensive?

It’s also a good idea to think about the condition and quality of your equipment. If you’ve spent a lot on it, traveling with it may not be ideal. You risk having it damaged, lost, or even stolen, which may not be something you’re prepared to deal with.

Are You Prepared to Settle for Rental-Quality?

On the flip side, rental equipment doesn’t tend to be the best quality. As well, it can be pretty beat up. While this may not bother some skiers, for others it’s something they just can’t deal with.

Compromise and Bring Your Own Boots

Often, a good compromise is to bring your own boots and rent the rest of the equipment at the ski resort. Your boots fit you perfectly, you’re comfortable in them, and you know you aren’t sharing them with everyone else. Boots are relatively easy to transport too, so it takes that inconvenience out of the equation.

Get Answers to Your Questions

As a beginner skier, there are probably lots of questions that will come to mind as you work on booking that first trip. Even after the trip, you’ll probably find there are questions you have about the sport. A great place to check out is, which is a forum for skiers to chat about all things skiing-related. You’ll be able to find all kinds of information that will help you to become better acquainted with the sport.

It’s All Personal Preference

At the end of the day, it really comes down to personal preference on whether you prefer to pack your own gear or rent your equipment.

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