Caring for your hamster while you’re traveling

Everyone who owns a pet knows how challenging it can be to offer him or her the proper care while they’re not at home. There are some things that you can do, of course, and they range from asking your family or friends to take care of your pet to using professional lodging for pets.

Here are some tips that might be able to help you if you want to make sure that your hamster remains happy and healthy even when you’re traveling the world.

Pet boarding facilities and lodging

First of all, keeping a pet hamster is far easier compared to other types of animals such as dogs and cats. However, there are several aspects you ought to bear in mind when you start looking for pet accommodation. If you find a place that can keep your pet while you’re off traveling to some exotic destination, make a point out of visiting it.

The last thing you might want to do is to entrust your hamster to someone who might not be able to care for it properly. The space where your hamster will spend his or her time over the course of your traveling endeavors needs to be clean and safe. Do not opt for those places where hamsters are kept in cages in the same room with cats and dogs, because lots of accidents can happen.

Unfortunately, there are slim chances of you being able to take your hamster with you when you travel, and that’s because most airlines won’t allow you to do just that. If you travel by car, however, you might be able to take your pet with you.

Instructions you have to give to people who will care for the hamster

Unless you have the opportunity to leave your hamster at the vet’s office or somewhere professional, you will have to talk to one of your friends or family members and ask them to care for the animal while you are away.

First off, provide detailed instructions about what the animal is supposed to eat while you’re not there. Make sure that you buy the food and any other supplies that the hamster might require in your absence. In spite of their small size, hamsters do require fresh veggies and fruit every day as they should make up about ten percent of their daily diet. They also need clean and fresh water, so it has to be replaced daily.

A good cage for your hamster is a safe enclosure, but make sure that you instruct the carer to clean it properly at least weekly. Hamsters are known to appreciate clean living spaces. After all, that’s why they make a big deal out of relieving themselves in only one or two corners of their enclosures.

When it comes to cleaning the cage, you have to make a point out of telling the carer that he or she is not supposed to use any toxic substances like ammonia. Even vinegar can be hard to stand for a tiny hamster.

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