Cheaper To Service & Maintain Your Own 4 Wheeler

A four wheeler is commonly called a quad or an ATV in some countries. It is also known as a quad bike or quad cycle in other countries. An ATV is designed for off the road uses. It is a vehicle that travels on low pressure tires. It has a seat for the operator and handlebars to steer the machine. This machine is designed for the use of a single operator. It functions just like a motorcycle but the extra wheels give more stability when moving at low speed.

Honda is one of the earliest manufacturers of ATV machines besides Suzuki and Yamaha. ATV started off as a recreational machine and later progressed to sport racing or sand dune riding. Machines that are designed for utility uses became very popular with hunters, farmers, ranchers and construction workers. These machines are bigger than the 2 or 3 wheelers and they have the ability to haul small loads on attached racks or even tow small trailers.

Those machines designed for sport are built for performance. They have to be light weight, high powered with good suspension and a lower centre of gravity. They are used for racing e.g. motocross, scrambles, cross country, or desert racing, etc. No matter how tough the machines may be, with good maintenance and care, you are able to extend the life of your ATV.

In order to cut cost and save on the maintenance, it is better to do the servicing and maintenance yourself. First, you will need to know every part of your Honda 4 wheeler machine well. You can start off by getting a service manual and learn to check oil and air filters and know how to change oil or fluids by yourself. Another important thing to check is the belt. A worn out belt needs to be change because it cause any damage or breakdown.

Sending your ATV to the workshop to change the parts will cost more but if you are able to fix the problem yourself, you will spend less. You can easily purchase the best Honda 4 wheeler parts online. You can visit some of the websites to check out the prices and one of them is Whatever you need, you can easily find them online and purchase the parts, accessories e.g. coolant, tires, oil and even tools.

Keeping your machine running and on tip top condition is one thing. You will also need to protect yourself from serious injuries or accident. It is important that you wear a good quality safety helmet and proper attire.

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