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When you’re looking for a place that offers the best of both worlds, from bustling big cities to smaller, more tranquil, towns, Grand Rapids offers it all. This city in Michigan, just east of Lake Michigan, boasts of so much talent through its exhibitions, colourful culture, exhilarating activities, and so much more. It’s most certainly a destination that offers entertainment; here’s some locations you can view on your trip. Click here to see how you can tour the city in style and luxury.

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Where vehemently designed sculptures and well nurtured vegetation meet, this is a location that will leave you amazed. It’s a bountiful botanical garden consisting of wetlands, meadows, exotic plants and a whole lot more. Be tantalized by the tropical conservatory, or captivated by the clever carvings, there’s so much to leave you stunned by what nature and human hands can display.

It has things on offer for people of all ages from woodland gardens, to children gardens with a play area for them to enjoy, and if your feet get tired after viewing the many gardens on display, there’s also a tram that runs through the main trails of the park, for those who’d prefer the touring option. There’s a reason why this location gets 700,000 visitors annually, it’s truly beautiful.

Gerald R. Ford Museum

Step into some of America’s history by gaining insight on the 38th American President Gerald R. Ford. This museum presents artifacts, exhibits, interactive media experiences, and you can even feel what it was like for him in his role as president, by a well represented replica of the oval office.

Get a feel for his personal, as well as public, characteristics and qualities. You don’t just get handed a bunch of information of his life randomly across the museum, but with the history being presented progressively as you walk along, you can receive a more full, and easily understandable, recount of his life.

John Ball Zoo

This is a Zoo that presents 2000 animals; lots of entertainment, and opportunities to interact with the various wildlife. This spectacular zoo offers animals from penguins to parakeets, camels to chimpanzees, and so much more, you’ll be exclaiming ‘lions, tigers and bears, oh my’ on your journey through the zoo.

Have a hands on experience of touching stingray, riding camels or feeding parakeet. It offers a host of activities for all the family. You can even enjoy an exciting zipline ride, or a 4-story rope course, or delve into a pleasant packed-lunch at one of the many picnic areas dotted around the site.

Grand Rapids Symphony

What better way to end the day, than jamming along to a live band in a open concert. This location has been a host of many fun nights out, from famous performers across the world, and enables you to truly enjoy the arts. A very attractive venue, with a world class orchestra, you couldn’t possibly ask for anything more wonderful. They rightly deserved the 2006 nomination for Best Classical Crossover Album.

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