Get lost in Paris – 5 things to experience whilst visiting the City of Light

Visiting the lights of Paris, whether for a week or for a weekend is the ultimate city break! You could be exploring the city streets alone or discovering the delights of the city of love with someone extra special, either way, Paris is brimming with culture, history and many memories waiting to be made in this spectacular metropolis. But what can Paris offer visitors like you and me? Well, in this article you get the lowdown on some of the most popular sights and experiences of Paris. So, grab a pen and start planning your itinerary now!

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Now, onwards to Paris!

Descend into the Catacombs

This perhaps the spookiest attraction on our list, immerse yourself within a piece of Paris’ history with a visit to The Catacombs. Here you’ll follow kilometres and kilometres of tunnels, lined with the skulls and femurs of Parisians who have long since passed. Originally created to prevent disease spreading though the city’s cemeteries, the Catacombs are an authentic experience for those wanting to delve a little deeper in to Paris’ dark history.

Discover the Louvre

A classic tourist attraction, but there’s a reason that millions of visitors to the city, flock here every year! This stunning museum and gallery is a work of art in its own right! With galleries and galleries of stunning exhibition, classic works of art and world-famous pieces. You could spend the entire day here and probably still not see it all. A must-see treat for every visitor.

Re-discover your love of cheese

So, you think you know cheese? Well, you don’t know anything about cheese until you’ve visited Fromagerie Quatrehomme. This is not just your average cheesemonger, this is where A-listers get their calcium fix! Follow your nose to one of it’s shops and you’ll be catapulted into cheese heaven! Just try not to spoil your dinner!

Try a delicacy

Why not dine on Frogs at the fabulous Roger la Grenouille? Frogs are the dish of the day at this particular eatery, which is said to be one of Picasso’s favourite haunts. From frog burgers, to frog fritters. Frogs in the windows and frogs on the walls – you’d be surprised at how well this actually works! Go on, try something new!

Climb the Eiffel Tower

It wouldn’t be a trip to Paris without a visit to the most famous tower in the world. If you’re looking for majestic views across this incredible city, then look no further. There’s also a panoramic champagne bar on the on the third floor! Just try not to get in the way of all those surprise engagement photos!

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