Getting the Best Value out of your Niagara Falls Family Holiday

For families, the Niagara Falls is a wonderful destination. There is so much for people of all ages to experience and enjoy there. The actual waterfalls are fantastic sight which you and your children are sure to remember visiting for many years to come.

Getting the best value for money

Surprisingly, for such a busy tourist destination, a lot of the attractions offer really good value for money. However, the fact that there is so much to do and see means that it can still work out expensive. When you are paying for several attractions each day the cost still mounts up, especially when you are buying tickets for a whole family.

For this reason, it really makes sense to check out the special packages that are available. A lot of the hotels, like Marriott on the Falls, work hard to pull all of the information their guests need to get a bargain. Some work in partnership with attractions to come up with special deals. So, when you book your hotel, always check out their recommendations and suggested itineraries.

Plan ahead

The only way to know which of these deals and packages you should book is to do a bit of advance planning. This will ensure you get the best entrance price and make sure that you visit attractions in the right order. Something that will also help you to save on transport costs. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Exciting ways to see the Falls

You really do not want to miss visiting the actual waterfalls while you are in the area. There are several ways to do it.

The Journey Behind the Falls

Kids find the experience of taking a lift into the bowels of the earth exciting enough. But, they will be even more amazed when you step out of the network of caves onto a walkway right at the foot of the falls.

Take a boat trip

There are also several boats that will take you right to the base of the Niagara Falls. Again, this experience is very exciting and memorable for children.

Visit the Fallsview waterpark

Most kids love water, so add a trip to the water park to your itinerary. It is a great way to cool the kids down on a hot day. The fact that it is an indoor attraction means it is a great place to go if you choose to visit the area in the winter.

Visit a museum

Now I know this is a bit of an unusual suggestion. Not every child likes wandering around museums, especially musty, old ones. But, that is not what you are going to find around Niagara Falls. Most of the museums cater really well for all age groups. This is especially the case with Ripley´s Believe it or Not. It is packed with some truly odd and fascinating exhibits.

Use the local tourist websites to find out more

There are attractions and tours to enjoy on both sides of the Falls. So, it is worth visiting both the Canadian and the American websites to get a full picture of what is available. The State Park website is also an excellent source of information, you can find it here.

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