Holiday Ideas For Solo Travellers

Are you the type of person that can really get along by themselves and you find you don’t need too much in the way of company to enjoy yourself? This is an absolute gift and can be incredibly helpful to maintaining your personal balance and making sure you really enjoy your life by doing the things you want to do, when you want to do them. With summer coming, you might be thinking about going on a holiday of some kind, but what types of holidays are there for solo people who want to get out and have fun, with the added potential of meeting new people? Check out these top ideas for solo travellers that will help you narrow down a cool choice for you.

City Breaks

City breaks are a great option for solo travellers, especially if you have a specific interest that others may not possess such as a keen eye for art, history, science and more. Travelling alone has that perk that you don’t need to consider other people’s desires and needs, so if you want to spend seven hours checking out that art gallery or exploring a museum, you can. Great cities that are perfect for the solo vacationer include London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Athens. All have great public transport and amazing options for dining, activities and attractions that can be enjoyed on your own or with a friend you may meet along the way.


Cruises can be a great option for a solo traveller who wants something not only enjoyable but also a bit on the luxurious side. Cruises as a solo traveller are fantastic because you can pick and choose excursions that interest you, allowing you to join groups of people who are going out to do the same activity. You can mingle with people and meet others while enjoying an outing, possibly leading to making friends that you’ve shared some memories with. Book a single’s cruise to see how much fun cruises can be when you’re travelling solo. Our bet is that you keep booking time and again.


If you’re travelling alone a great way to meet others is to get onto a tour of some kind. Tours can be any duration in length and are a great opportunity to get to meet other people, have cool experiences and possibly even make friends for a lifetime. Tours around cities, out on treks into mountains, deserts or diving liveaboards are just some of the examples of tours you can go on depending on the country or region you’re visiting. What better way to break up the sometimes monotonous vibe of travelling alone? If you’re a bit of an introvert a day or two of group activity with others can sometimes be just what you want before you’re ready to hit the road solo again.

Whatever your reasons for travelling alone, hopefully these cool ideas will help you plan an epic adventure for yourself, one that you can really be proud of for embarking on without feeling the need to bring anyone else along for the ride. After all, you can sometimes have beautiful and unique experience more candidly and randomly when you’re alone rather than with a friend or two, so what’s not to love We hope you enjoy your next solo adventure. Good luck!

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