How to Do a Cross Country Motorcycle Road Trip? Some Tips and Tricks.

Cross country trips on the motorbike seem fun and adventure as you have the freedom to go anywhere you want to, you can also capture moments, you can feel cool breeze hitting your cheeks and hairs. And if you explore some new place you can stop there and spend quality time. So road trips can take you to incredible places where you can spend the best time of your life with your friends, fellows, or spouse and indulge yourself in the beauty of nature. One of the benefits of traveling on a motorbike is that you can enjoy scenic beauty more.  Besides that, a motorbike road trip is also economical as compared to cars and buses. so these are few pros of the trip on motorbike other than that there are several cons of traveling on a two-wheeler, let’s suppose you are crossing through the desert and you suddenly went out of fuel or got a flat tire, of course, something can go wrong on a road trip you have to take certain safety measures before hitting the road this situation can put you in danger.

As you are exposed to air in the two-wheeler, so there is more danger in riding a motorbike for long trips. So, if an accident or any collision occurs motorcyclists get more injured as compared to car drivers. The other drawback of riding a motorbike is that car drivers focus less on bikers because they focus on heavy vehicles, so bikers have to be more attentive and careful being on the road. Besides that, you have to take safety measures before hitting the road so that you may get less injured if a collision happens. Viking cycle motorcycle vest and other safety gear offered by the Viking cycle which are the best choice gears for any biker.

As there are few risks involved in a two-wheeler so, you need to invest in safety gear which can give you complete protection. The safety gears are following,


Helmet covers your face and chin, they are meant to give protection to your head and brain. The helmet is made up of a shell and the inner layer has various foam paddings so that maximum impact is absorbed during a collision. Experiments have shown that helmets have five years of life, after five years they may get deteriorated. So helmet plays an important role in providing safety to your chin, cheeks, head, and eyes too.


Jackets are made up of leather or textile material. Leather provides complete protection during fall or crash, but they are not much comfortable. Instead, textile jackets are waterproof as they have water resistance membrane inside them. Choose the jacket according to the weather, and according to the shape of your bike. If you are riding in hot humid weather, then a jacket with perforations, mesh and lots of vents is suitable. Similarly, the Viking cycle motorcycle vest is a great choice riding gear available at the best cheap rate for any biker,


You may require good quality textile pants for protection against harsh weather and they should be abrasion-resistant. Denim jeans or cotton are not suitable for riding purposes, as they don’t provide you maximum safety.


Riding gloves are made up of leather and strong abrasion-resistant material. Gloves with armor at the base give maximum protection to your hands if your hand land on the road during a fall. When choosing gloves make sure that they give proper fit and are comfortable.


If you are planning for a cross-country trip must observe the condition of your bike first. Check its condition whether it is suitable for a cross country tour or not. Always pack according to your route and the weather you are expected to face during the ride. The best suitable motorbikes for a long trip are mentioned below and regardless of what bike you own, please check out the Viking Bags Motorcycle Bags, they have bags for almost all makes and models.

1. Harley Davidson Electra glide

Harley Davidson is considered the best motorbike for cross country trips. It is also provided with a saddlebag which is providing enough space for storage. It is also provided with an antilocking brake system. its battery maintenance is free. It is provided with a digital speedometer and odometer.

2. Kawasaki Vulcan s

Double cylinder Kawasaki Vulcan s has an anti breaking system, with a double cylinder six-speed manual gearbox. It is one of the best motorbikes for a cross country tour. No doubt Kawasaki Vulcan s is stylish, enjoyable, and durable for cross country trips. It has a stance, low riding, and has a comfortable ride for a long trip.

3. The triumph tiger

The full-blown touring bike, sport tourer, provided with  ADVs breaks and it will provide you adventure every time you need to go. It is equipped with great suspension providing you immense comfort. Its displacement is 800cc with a maximum power of 94 BNP. it is also equipped with a 6-speed gearbox, making it more powerful and best suitable for cross-country trips.

So, before heading off to cross a country trip your bike should be powerful and comfortable so that you should not face any difficulty and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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