How to Have an Awesome Skiing Trip to Breckenridge

Do you want to hit some of the best ski slopes in all of North America? If so, consider visiting Breckenridge, a mountain town nestled in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The Alpine wonderland is spread over five peaks with slopes suitable for all levels of ability from beginners all the way up to advanced. And there’s a wide variety of Breckenridge cabin rentals including traditional-style log cabins and luxury mountain retreats. If you’re looking for an excellent skiing experience this winter, come to Breckenridge.

The Slopes:

The five peaks, named Peak 6 to 10, at Breckenridge are named according to their position from right to left on the trail map. A total of 187 trails are on the peaks with no less than 34 ski lifts to help skiers and snowboarders get around. You can find some of the longest slopes in North America at Breckenridge including the gigantic 5.6 kilometres (3.5 miles) one at Four O’Clock.

The most famous peaks at Breckenridge include Peak 7, Peak 8 and Peak 9. Beginners should head to Peak 8 for some of the easier trails whereas the more experienced can check out the trails on the other two peaks. Advanced skiers and adrenaline junkies will find difficult ones including both Black and Double Black on Peak 10 and shouldn’t be attempted by anyone apart from the most competent. Peak 6, on the other hand, is the newest of the five and has trails that are at an intermediate level.

Weather and wind speed can change in an instant. Some of the trails above the tree line may become dangerous and treacherous in a matter of minutes, and you really don’t want to be caught out. Follow all safety advice and keep up to date with forecasts.

Attending Ski School:

Skiing school is a great way to learn new techniques, brush up on rusty skills or get the basics before hitting the hills for the very first time. Breckenridge has a ski school for everyone starting with the absolute beginner to those with an intermediate level of ability. Search online to find the most suitable package and be sure to book everything in advance as places tend to fill up fast.

Skiing Tips:

Here are a few things to be aware of to minimise the risks and complications. Many skiers often forget at least one of the following and find that it impedes their excellent experience.

Always factor in the altitude and anticipate altitude sickness. Breckenridge sits at almost 3,000 metres, which means the oxygen levels in the air are much lower than sea level. Skiers who fly into Colorado from one of the lower elevation regions often suffer the most. Altitude sickness usually lasts a day or two until your body starts to acclimatise. You can expect to feel fatigued, light-headedness and generally not at your best when you arrive. The best thing to do to reduce the effects of altitude is to take it easy on the first day and not do anything too strenuous.

Believe it or not, severe sunburn is as big as a risk as frostbite on the mountains. Ultraviolet rays from the sun get stronger with increasing altitude, which is magnified further as they reflect off the blankets of white snow. Bring a bottle of sunscreen and apply it to the parts of your face exposed to the sun.

Skiers should also make sure they dress appropriately for long hours on the slopes. Average daily temperatures in the winter are just -10°C and hypothermia or frostbite can start before you’re even aware of it. One of the most significant dangers is putting on too many layers, which causes you to sweat. The dampness can then suck away at your core body temperature when your body begins cooling down. A top tip is to dress in thin layers with waterproof clothing.

Breckenridge Town:

After spending a few hours skiing down the hills, you’re probably going to want to relax in the town. And Breckenridge is the perfect mountain retreat with lots of activities to keep you busy in your downtime. You can find plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars with a cosy fire and warm atmosphere overlooking the mountains. Or, why not enjoy the shopping and learn something about the history of the town?

For a start, did you know that this was once a gold mining town? And many buildings are at least 100 years old? This makes the town interesting, especially if you take the time to learn about Breckenridge’s past. Tours are available to show you around the most important sites, and you may even be able to join a gold mining tour too. Main Street is lined with buildings restored to their former glory from 100 years ago turn it into almost an open-air museum.

The vast majority of tourists love the postcard Breckenridge town that looks like most of us would dream a winter wonderland to be like. Enjoy the dining, imbibing and history.

An Awesome Skiing Trip to Breckenridge:

Winter sports lovers from the novice wanting to give it a try for the first time up to seasoned adrenaline junkies will find something to suit their needs at Breckenridge. The 187 trails over the five peaks are guaranteed to keep you busy during the day and the variety of bars and restaurants along the old Main Street by night. Just make sure you prepare for altitude sickness and take measures to avoid sunburn and frostbite at the same time!

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