How to Make the Most of a Remote and Quiet Vacation in the Woods

There are all kinds of vacation styles out there from relaxing sun destinations, to exploring quaint European towns and villages, to enjoying the non-stop nightlife in big cities like New York City. If you have recently booked your very first vacation in the woods, then you’re in for a very quiet vacation thanks to its remote location. This can actually seem a bit scary and intimidating if it’s your first woodsy-vacation, which is exactly why these tips can help.

Discuss the Destination with Your Travel Companion in Advance

For those who have never enjoyed this style of vacation before, it can be quite the eye-opening experience. It’s usually a good idea to discuss the vacation with your traveling companion(s) in advance so you can talk about expectations and plans.

You can talk about activities you’d like to take part in, how physically active you feel like being, how long you want the vacation to last, how far you are willing to travel, and just what kind of accommodations you’re after. Your idea of a “remote destination” may be quite different than your traveling companions’.

For example maybe your idea of a remote destination is a cozy log cabin with no-one else around. If that’s the case then a little extra planning is in order so you can pack accordingly and bring such necessities as the best splitting axe so you can chop up all that firewood with ease.

Forego the Schedule

If you’re the type that typically makes itineraries and schedules for your vacation, now is the time to throw them aside. The whole point of a remote and quiet vacation in the woods is to not abide by a pre-set schedule. Instead make your decisions in the moment and just go with the flow.

Get Out and Explore Nature

Of course a remote destination absolutely must be explored. As long as the area is safe for hiking and exploring, you’ll want to get out there and enjoy the fresh air. Just be sure to pack a camera for all the pictures you’ll want to snap.

Bring Your Own Sources of Entertainment

There’s a good chance that your remote accommodations won’t have such things as cable TV or even Internet access, which means you’ll want to think ahead and bring other sources of entertainment. This could be things like magazines, an e-book you had been wanting to read, your own personal music playing device, board games, and a deck of cards. You can even check with the hotel, resort, or guest house as to whether or not they supply entertainment such as games.

Do Your Research on the Area

To make sure that you don’t miss out on any points of interest or attractions, do a little online research of the destination before you go.

It Could be Your New Favorite Style of Vacation

Learning how to make the most of a quiet and remote vacation in the woods may just mean that it becomes your new favorite style of vacation.

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