How to pack light for your next adventure

When you have so many places to see and people to see, you don’t want to be trailing a great big suitcase behind you, nor do you want a massive backpack weighing you down. If traveling light has always been a bit of a problem for you, or you simply want a minimalist approach to packing for your next jaunt, read on for some fantastic, useful tips.

Get the right bag

Invest in a sturdy bag that is easily carried, preferably a strong but small backpack. A backpack with a front fastening belt allows for comfort and also leaves your hands free. A bag with several compartments inside and out is extremely useful for carrying any small items. By purchasing a small bag rather than a larger one, you will be forced to minimise the number of items you take with you. You may be tempted to take wheeled luggage rather than a backpack, but this type of luggage is no use for long walks or expeditions up hills and through ancient streets.

Pack the right clothes

At the most, pack five days’ worth of clothing with some extra underwear and socks. Any more than this is not necessary as you can wash your clothes while away should you be traveling for a lengthy period. If you find you need any other clothing while away, you can always purchase it at your destination, but the probability of needing to do this is slim. Pack a waterproof coat that can be rolled up easily, taking up little space in your bag. 

Don’t take equipment

This may seem obvious, but some people do actually check-in all sorts of sporting equipment in preparation for their trip. There is absolutely no need to take these sorts of equipment with you as you can hire or borrow whatever you need in your destination. A Www Craigslist Search of wherever you are and whatever you need will quickly put you in contact with anyone hiring or selling relevant items.


Only take two pairs of shoes and this includes the pair you will be wearing while you travel. The second pair can be placed in a reusable carrier bag and tied to your backpack. By carrying them outside your backpack you are allowing for more space in your bag. Don’t waste valuable space by packing a “just in case” pair of dress shoes as just like anything else, if you really do need them, you can purchase them while you are away.

Take multipurpose products

Save space, and money by using multipurpose products while away such as a combined shampoo and conditioner, or combined shampoo and shower gel. For a product that won’t diminish your liquid allowance while flying, use a soap bar that is also a shampoo. If you must take hair products, consider using a moisturiser or body lotion on your hair rather than a gel or mousse.

Enjoy your new found minimalist freedom by using these packing light tips.

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