London Escort Experience

Many of my fellow travelers don’t agree with me on the theme of hiring private escorts but it was something which I have been curious about for a very long time. On a trip to London recently I had quite a long layover and so I decided to check out if there was an agency in the area which offered escorts. Using an agency was something which I felt would be the best idea given the added security and service which I believe that you get from them versus calling a girl directly. I was staying in a hotel near Heathrow and the girl cam out to my room for just over an hour, and gave me a brilliant experience. I wanted to talk to you a little about the experience which I had.

Finding the Site

After a little bit of searching I quickly came across the Cleopatra website, an agency which offers some beautiful escorts. I looked in the London escorts gallery and was like a kid in a candy store, the women offering this service looked simply beautiful and making the choice was quite difficult indeed. Eventually I made my decision and booked here there and then, with a very easy-to-use online service. Cleopatra is a service which I’d recommend, not only because of the range of beautiful ladies but also because of how easy they make the process.


I must confess I was quite nervous when waiting for her to arrive but I really needn’t have been. From the first minute the girl made me feel very relaxed and we had such a fun time together. She asked me all about my life, my likes and dislikes and we had so much in common. The nervousness which I had at the beginning dissipated very quickly indeed, and that is thanks to the professional service, intelligence and likability of the escort.

Fast Hour

The hour flew by, far too quickly for my liking actually and I can honestly say that it was one of the most fun hours which I have spent with girl. After 15 minutes or so of small talk she offered me a sensual massage, something I had been looking forward to. The massage was very skilled and not just a back-rub like I had expected beforehand. During the massage we made some more small talk and had a really good laugh with one another. Escorts will often offer a little bit extra during your time with them but this wasn’t what I was really looking for, nonetheless I absolutely loved spending an hour with a beautiful and smart woman, who really made me feel special.

For You

Whether you are looking to get naughty with a girl or simply enjoy their company for a short time, an escort is a great idea and one which I would highly recommend. If you are alone for a while or you have some time to kill on a layover, hiring an escort is a choice which I’d urge you to make.


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