Most Searched Vacation Locations in Europe During 2018

Are you thinking of going away on a European vacation? Before you book your trip and pack your bags, you need to figure out where to go. Why not pick one of the most searched vacation locations in Europe during 2018? You know these locations are popular, so you are sure to have a great time.

1. Italy

Italy was the most searched vacation destination in 2018, and that isn’t a big surprise. From the food and wine to the culture, this country can’t be beat. Enhance your trip by booking one of the luxury villa rentals in Tuscany. Tuscany is the birthplace of the Renaissance, so you will get to see one masterpiece after the next as you wander the streets. The landscapes are breathtaking, the bright blue sea is gorgeous, and there are many curious finds off the beaten path. Plus, the luxury villa rentals in Tuscany provide a world-class experience of their own.

2. Paris, France

Paris, France sits right behind Italy as the most searched travel destination. There’s never a bad time to go to Paris. Go during the warm months to stroll along the streets, hang out at a sidewalk café, and see the sights, or visit during the winter months to beat the crowds.

3. Iceland

With the Northern Lights, waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, and more, Iceland is an amazing vacation spot. Don’t let the cold stop you from visiting this magnificent country.

4. Ireland

There are so many reasons to travel to Ireland. The castles are magnificent, the Guinness Storehouse is like nothing you’ve ever seen, and there are adventures at every turn.

5. Spain

With landscapes that look like they were created with a paintbrush, world-class hiking, and the best tapas in the world, you need to visit Spain at least once in your lifetime.

6. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom might not be big in size, but it has a huge tourism industry. Millions of people visit the UK each year, so consider joining them this year.

7. Germany

Some people go for Oktoberfest, while others visit for the breathtaking castles and national parks. You can also see what’s left of the Berlin Wall when you visit Germany.

8. Netherlands

Like the UK, the Netherlands is small in size, but it also hosts lots of tourists throughout the year. Many come to visit Amsterdam, where they can walk through independent boutiques and galleries, and even visit the famous Red Light District.

9. Switzerland

Switzerland is gorgeous and fun, and travelers have taken notice, making it one of the most searched destinations. Lucerne is among the most popular cities here—its unbelievable beauty will leave you in awe.

10. Greece


Travelers can’t get enough of Greece. There’s so much history to explore and the dramatic coastlines will make you feel like you’re inside a painting.

Which Destination Is Right for You?

Whether you want to visit Paris or snag one of the luxury villa rentals in Tuscany, you are in for the vacation of a lifetime if you go to one of these destinations. Start making plans, so you can have a vacation to remember.

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