Must haves for your backpacking bucket list

You’re set off on your first backpacking trip around the world, and want to do something a little different to your fellow travelers? Or perhaps you are a seasoned backpacking pro and are looking for a bucket list of extreme sports and insane activities to make your trip one to remember? Whatever the reason for your backpacker adventure, why not make it extra special by drawing up your own bucket list? Just remember that if it involves extreme sports or activities, that you may want to take extra insurance out first – just in case you need to use it.

Off the beaten track

If you want to undertake a new challenge, test your limits and even make sure that you have an experience that is truly out of this world, then why not consider going off the beaten track? If you have never signed up for a hike, or perhaps find it difficult to commit to a walking vacation, then this could be the ideal item for your bucket list. From the Great Wall of China to Macchu Picchu, the world is quite literally your oyster! Just be sure to invest in a decent pair of walking boots and some hiking poles to keep you supported over tougher terrain. Hiking is the ideal way to get back to nature, sleep under the stars and push your mind, body and soul to the limit. So, if you want stunning views and a chance to disconnect, then a hike may be the right choice for you.

Extreme sports

If you are looking for a bucket list item that is quite unlike anything that you’ve ever experienced before then an extreme sport could be ideal for you. Ok, you don’t technically need to be in top physical condition, but some level of fitness is advised – in particular, if you are interested in trying a sport that needs you to maintain your balance or spend a prolonged amount of time underwater. Extreme sports such as zorbing, mountain biking and climbing will test your nerves and set your adrenaline levels soaring. While hunting and shooting will test your accuracy and patience, ideal if you fancy yourself as the next Avenger or James Bond. Some extreme sports do require you to invest in your own equipment, and sites such as stay hunting provide you with reviews and advice so that you choose the right gear for your trip.  So if you want to test yourself to the utmost limit, then sign up for an extreme sport in an exotic location.

If you are setting off on a trip and are looking to boost your bucket list, then let yourself go wild! It’s time to follow your wildest dreams and pursue your interests, just make sure that you are insured first. Consider planning and undertaking a mind-blowing hike to connect with nature, while extreme sports are ideal for adrenaline junkies or even if you fancy trying an activity that is completely different and challenging – while being fun at the same time.

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